Strengthening Business Relationships

Advantage is one of the leading business-to-business market research companies operating worldwide.
We help our clients create more rewarding business relationships through benchmarking.

  • "When we have a good relationship, it allows for open conversations to ensure people are aligned. We can work collaboratively to grow together instead of it being retailer versus vendor, each trying to squeeze out all possible profits."
  • "To work closely to be able to exchange information, and to be transparent. We understand that manufacturers want to grow, but we would like that to be done naturally and not to the detriment of the retailer. It is extremely important that growth be achieved while supporting the retailer's profitability. We need a product assortment that will satisfy our consumers' demands."
  • "The key drivers are communication and collaboration. This also includes having meetings and ensuring we are aligned on metrics and goals."

What are the benefits of collaboration?