Video Testimonials


Advantage Report for Collaboration

Jamie Walker, Product Director, Central Europe talks to the importance of collaboration for growth and how Advantage programs provide the vehicle for retailers and suppliers to succeed in doing a better business for themselves and for the end consumer.


A Foundation for the Future

Dennis Belacastro, VP Industry and Customer Development identifies Advantage Report as a foundation for future plans with retailers. It also adds credibility to what they are trying to do with the retailers to better serve the consumer.

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An Objective Scorecard

Michael Hayes, SVP Sales and Sales Strategy talks about the Advantage Report as a benchmark for performance, both a tool for retailer engagement as well as a third party perspective that softens the impact of delivering feedback.


Unbiased View in Advantage Report

Kurt Laufer, SVP, National Sales speaks on the importance of Advantage Report to provide an unbiased view of manufacturer performance during changing industry dynamics.


The Power of Advantage

Dave Iacobelli, VP Sales, Canada discusses the value, utility and business results he was able to achieve through the use of Advantage Report.


A Catalyst for Success

Jim Flannery, Senior Executive Vice President, Operations and Industry Collaboration discusses ways in which a holistic view of performance is important to achieve business success.