Who We Are

Who We Are

We are the global experts in:

  • Business Relationship Measurement
  • Benchmarking
  • Tracking and monitoring trends

We are a trusted advisor to our clients, providing powerful insights that help them improve their business relationships and achieve commercial success.

Our clients are the leading fast-moving consumer goods companies around the world and the retail organizations that they supply.

We conduct our benchmarking research studies in over 40 countries and have been dedicated to this purpose for over 25 years.

What We Do

What We Do

In each market, we enroll industry leaders in our global process for better managing critical commercial relationships. A key part of that process is adoption of a robust globally standardised system of measuring relationships by the industry. When key players in an industry formally commit to this way of collaborating and working together we are able produce Advantage Report™.

Advantage Report™ measures the perceptions of both parties on all relevant relationship dimensions. This includes all the key ‘soft’ attributes that remain unmeasured through traditional business metrics. The measures are supported by comprehensive and in-depth qualitative feedback that provides insight into why. Advantage Report™ is produced for many consumer goods industry sectors such as: Grocery, Mass Merchandiser, Superstores and Club, Convenience & Gas, Forecourt , Pharmacy, E-Commerce, Foodservice, Travel Retail, Pet Specialty, Wholesale and others.

Advantage Report™ is the foundation that allows us to undertake strategic analysis that gives rise to guidance and support for each of our clients to improve their commercial relationships. Advantage Report™ is supported by executives in each market who act as trusted advisors and independent intermediaries. They are the best people to contact in each market to see how you can improve your commercial relationships.

What You Gain

What You Gain

  • In-depth insights into how your business relationships compare in the industry, and by customer, over time
  • A platform for building acknowledging and rewarding customer centric skills
  • A clear understanding of industry and customer priorities and how well your organization is delivering against those priorities
  • A roadmap that helps your organization build trust-based collaborative relationships using a win-win model
  • Awareness of best-in-class organization benchmarks and the margin of difference to your organization
  • Awareness of best practices in the industry and the understanding of what is needed to become best-in-class
  • An opportunity to make fact based investment decisions based on clear priorities and opportunities
  • A clear and rewarding path to commercial success and consumer loyalty


Established in 1988, Advantage is a business-to-business market research company that has pioneered the concept of strengthening business relationships through benchmarking.


Our proven track record and flagship products; Advantage Report™ and Advantage Report™ Mirror have helped us become the industry standard for measuring the strength of business relationships in fast-moving consumer packaged goods, health care, pharmacy, and foodservice channels in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We provide valuable insights to over 500 clients worldwide.


Our Mission is to help companies build more rewarding business relationships through benchmarking.

Advantage offers a 360° view of trading partner relationships with our flagship products: Advantage Report™ for Suppliers and Advantage Report™ Mirror for Retailers.

Our flagship products act as the catalyst for improvement collaboration, cooperation and profitable growth.

Advantage Report

Here are some quotes from our Clients about Advantage Report™:

Increased dialogue and collaboration - "Advantage Report provides a great platform to have meaningful and transparent discussions with our trading partners and is often the catalyst for open and honest dialogue"

Effective Customer Engagement Model - "Advantage Report allowed us to better deliver on our intent to become a customer-centric organization and adopt a more effective companywide approach to customer engagement"

Breaks down barriers and identifies departmental silos - "Advantage helped us to break down some barriers between departments to more effectively deliver against customer expectations"

Gave us a Reality Check - "Advantage forced us to come to terms with the fact that our perception of ourselves fell short of reality and triggered an exercise in change management. Advantage also helped us to understand the relationship between our Advantage score and rank relative to the competition"

Pivotal role in strategic planning and goal setting - "Advantage Reports are a critical component of Joint Business Planning with a significant and positive impact on our Category and Shopper Plans"

Actionable Insights and creation of Cross Functional Teams and reallocation of resources - "Advantage Report Influenced our hiring decisions and identified which areas require more resources. We also created cross functional teams and action plans to address the areas we would like to improve"

Change Management - "Having objective data to support some of our assumptions overs sore point’s means we can commit to changes with more confidence. In the past only our sales team was concerned with customer satisfaction. Now, other departments are becoming more customer focused"

Gain the Advantage

The catalyst for more effective collaboration to better serve your consumers