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Using world-class data and insights, we help clients unlock potential in their business-to-business relationships.

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Uncover how clients achieve commercial growth through more meaningful and constructive partnerships.

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Discover how engagement critically impacts business performance with knowledge from our experts.


Engagement is at the heart of business performance

Suppliers who prioritize retailer engagement by utilizing Advantage data to improve their relationships experience an average increase of 4.9% sales growth the following year1.

1 Based on annual gross revenues in US dollars measuring the overall performance of 54 top global suppliers over five years (2012-2016).

Top 3 OPS Practices 2019
What’s driving engagement?

By analyzing the significance of each business practice measured, we identify its ability to impact overall performance, thus signifying a stronger correlation with business partner engagement. Suppliers who are rated highly in these business practices* have developed a reputation for working effectively with their retail partners.**

*Practices differ according to Supply Chain Personnel globally
**Relationship drivers differ locally


Collaboration in a Crisis

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COVID-19 Saw Retailers and Suppliers Collaborate on New Terrain Whereby Stronger Partnerships Excelled and Weaker Partners Were Exposed

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Looking Ahead: What Will Be the Focus for Retailers Moving into Wave 2 of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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The Advantage Method

How we build a tailored engagement plan for our clients

Needs Discovery

The journey to more meaningful business-to-business relationships begins with collaboration. Our experts work closely with you to identify the engagement program that fits your needs.

Data Collection

We design and deploy a survey to request feedback from your partners. Performance-based questions and live interviews uncover insights into the state of your relationships.


Our digital solutions structure your quantitative and qualitative relationship data into digestible analytics. Dive into your results to discover opportunities for deeper engagement.


Our experts unveil industry trends and how they impact your business locally and globally. They uncover where to channel your resources to create meaningful change.

Action Planning

Gather key stakeholders for an Advantage workshop to outline processes and prioritize initiatives. Set realistic engagement goals that align with your strategic business plans. Gather key stakeholders for an Advantage workshop to outline processes and prioritize initiatives. Set realistic engagement goals that align with your strategic business plans.

Digital Solutions

Business-to-business relationship building platforms

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Annual syndicated benchmarking

Experience Advantage ReportTM differently.
A performance evaluation program that provides a holistic view of your B2B relationships and creates focus on areas for improved engagement and commercial impact.

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