Why Advantage?

Advantage Group International helps some of the world’s leading companies stay competitive. By focusing on the crucial relationships between suppliers and retailers, we support our customers to develop, strengthen and expand their interactions and identify crucial opportunities to improve.

Top performers look to us for business relationship measurement expertise, insightful benchmarking and critical industry trending – locally, regionally and worldwide. Advantage can help you transform how you perform and redefine how you work with others.

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Your ongoing industry scorecard

Our jointly syndicated reports use powerful two-way feedback to help retailers and their suppliers measure, track and strengthen their performances.


AdvantageReport Supplier

Suppliers identify ways to improve via feedback from their customers.


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AdvantageReport Retailer

Retailers identify ways to improve via feedback from their supplier partners.


We help successful suppliers to listen intently to their customers’ needs.

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We encourage successful retailers to learn from their suppliers’ experience.

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The Unwritten Rules of
Building Trust with Customers
(Written Down...)

Identify the best in class behaviours associated with building Trust between Suppliers and Retailers. Discover the key driver of Trust and the negative behaviours proven to weaken your business relationships.

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Advantage Report™:
A Strategic Dialogue for
Game-Changing Growth

Rob Gehring, Global Chief Sales Officer of the Hershey Company, notes that consumer preferences and purchases behavior are constantly changing. He uses the Advantage Report™ to gather candid feedback and to elevate the dialogue from tactical to strategic.  Strategic initiatives – stemming from Advantage data – drive game-changing growth and commercial results.

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We work in 40+ markets across the world.

There are Always Opportunities to Improve.

In today’s markets, no one can afford to take success for granted.

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