Advantage Australia and the Australian Drinks Association recognize the “Supplier of the Year” at the 2017 Australian Drinks Award

Since 2009, the Drinks Association has commissioned Advantage Australia to conduct an annual Industry Trade Benchmark Survey that provides its members with favourability ratings and qualitative retailer feedback from the Off Trade, On Premise, Wholesale, and Outlets channels.


At the 5th Annual Drinks Awards ceremony, which took place in September 2017, John Mcloughlin, Advantage Group’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific, was invited to present the Supplier of the Year award to joint winners Casella Family Brands and Asahi Premium Beverages.

“As each year progresses, we are encouraged by the increased levels of engagement received for the program and the quality of feedback provided from both retailers and suppliers, highlighting collective opportunities to drive greater collaboration and business alignment,” says John McLoughlin, Group Managing Director, Asia Pacific, of Advantage Australia.

This was followed up by a presentation titled “Developing Effective Commercial Relationships – What are the key drivers of success in today’s trading environment” that John delivered at the Drinks Association’s next Network Breakfast.

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