Advantage Brazil Discusses the Importance of Collaboration at APAS Show 2018

APAS is one of the most important Retailer Associations in Brazil, highly respected across the FMCG industry.

The APAS Show in May 2018 was attended by retailers and manufacturers from not only Brazil, but across Latin America. Attending for the first time, Advantage Brazil played a key role in discussing the importance of collaboration.   


APAS Show 2018 ANA FIORATTI Advantage Group Brazil

Ana Fioratti, Country Manager for Advantage Brazil was in attendance to present to a captive audience. Ana delivered a lecture on “Establishing a Common and Collaborative Agenda to Leverage Results”.

Ana covered the following topics:

(1) The Importance of Collaboration

(2) Benefits to the Business

(3) KPI’s and Challenges

(4) Future Thinking 

“The feedback we received from attendees of APAS was very positive. This retailer-specific event was a great opportunity to reinforce the Advantage brand among the retail community. Our Advantage Brazil team enjoyed visiting with our clients, meeting new prospective clients, engaging on the show floor and taking part in the lectures...” says Ana Fioratti, Country Manager, Advantage Brazil

Ana’s APAS Show presentation concluded with a series of video testimonials on behalf of Advantage clients speaking to how Advantage Report has added value to their business and improved their business relationships.

APAS Show 2018 ANA FIORATTI Advantage Group Brazil Presentation

Our heartfelt thanks to the valued clients mentioned below for providing their perspectives within the video:


  • Pague Menos: Jefferson George Nunes, Commercial Director, Supermarket Top 1 Advantage Ranking
  • Muffato: Everton Muffato, Owner, Supermarket Top 2 Advantage Ranking
  • Martins: Walter Faria
  • Savegnago: José Sarrassini, Commercial and Logistics Director


  • SCJ : Tatiana Ganem, General Manager
  • Unilever: Marcelo Goncalves, Trade Marketing Director
  • P&G: Izabella Veloso, Director Logistics and Customer Service
  • Mars Food and Chocolates: Fernando Rodrigues, Sales Director
  • Colgate: Daniel Francisco, Customer Service Manager

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