Advantage Canada Holds First Ever Advantage Day with Retailer: Save-On-Foods

Is your retail team capitalizing on the ease and efficiency of an Advantage Day?

Having already conducted successful ‘Advantage Days’ in markets such as the US, Brazil and Australia, the first ever Advantage Day in Canada took place in early April at the Vancouver head office of Save-On-Foods, a leading supermarket chain with over 160 stores throughout Western Canada.




“Advantage Day was a terrific success! It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Save-On-Foods team and share with them the power behind Advantage Report, as well the feedback we have from their supplier community”, says Michael Shilton, Senior Client Service Manager, Advantage Canada. “This was also a great opportunity to form ongoing relationships with our retail partner’s individual personnel. We were able to give names to faces rather than just identifying personnel by e-mail addresses. I would highly recommend the Advantage Day program to any retailer in any market.”


By the day’s end, 45 personnel from the retailer’s branded and private label divisions completed the Advantage Survey. All indications are that this was a positive and beneficial experience for all involved.

About Advantage Days

Held annually, Advantage Days provide our retailer community with the opportunity to meet with our Client Service Representative(s) at the convenience of their head or regional office. Advantage Representatives will meet with a retailer’s Senior Leaders and various Functional and Category Teams.

The day is typically split into two parts, starting out with a refresher on the Advantage program and the role it plays within the industry, followed by a presentation and/or workshop of the retailer’s results and how they could impact strategic objectives for the coming year.    

The second part of the day is dedicated to having personnel at the retailer complete the Advantage Survey in a single setting; capitalizing on Advantage Representatives being in attendance to field questions and offer real-time guidance and technical support.

The benefit for the retailer is that in addition to higher completion rates in a condensed period, their respondents are far more focused and informed at the time that their ratings and supplier feedback is being provided.

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