Celebrating Success in the UK Convenience and Wholesale Channel and an Overview of the Emerging Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Having completed and reported the 2019 programme results to the major Convenience retailers and wholesalers that support the programme, we are delighted to announce and celebrate this year's Best in Class companies, recipients of the UK Advantage Awards. Recognition as a top performer within Advantage Report identifies your company as a proactive and collaborative business partner among peers. Congratulations to this year's winners!

Congratulations to the 2019 UK Advantage Award Winners:
  • BP have achieved the highest Net Favourable score across all retailers and retail channels (i.e. Forecourt, High Street, Value) that feature in the programme
  • Filshill Wholesale have achieved the highest Net Favourable score across all wholesalers and wholesale channels (i.e. Cash & Carry, Foodservice Wholesale, Delivered Trade, Wholesale Buying Group) that feature in the programme
  • In addition, Filshill KeyStore Fascia is the highest rated Fascia Group in this year’s programme

"Advantage Report is an established industry programme in the Convenience and Wholesale Channels and has been running in the UK since 2001, when the UK operation was set up.  Whilst Advantage Report has now expanded into additional channels, the Convenience and Wholesale channels remain one of our primary areas of focus and expertise" says Julia Pascu, General Manager, UK and Ireland.

Emerging Trends in Convenience for 2020 and Beyond


Convenience Emerging Trends_Advantage UK 2020 and Beyond


A Strong Convenience and Wholesale Offering and Growth with Advantage UK 

Advantage Report Retailer programme in the Convenience Channel has exponentially grown year-on-year with strong support from both suppliers and leading retailers/wholesalers.  This year, just under 800 individual respondents from over 370 different suppliers provided feedback to their key customers through the Advantage Report programme (an increase of over 100 additional suppliers since 2018).  

Advantage Report offers extensive trend data and whilst being an industry programme, we are able to offer a great degree of flexibility and tailoring when it comes to reporting the results.  With significant consolidation and changes in the channel, ‘having trust in the relationship’ has been identified as the most influential factor in achieving success by both suppliers and Convenience retailers in this year’s programme.  

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