Advantage Group UK Shows Support for GroceryAid Charity

GroceryAid is the national charity for grocery people in the United Kingdom. Whether you work for a manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier or grocery store, you can turn to GroceryAid for financial help and practical support. GroceryAid helps thousands of grocery people all over the UK who have worked, or are working, and who need some extra support to get by.

Advantage Group UK (AGUK) has been a proud supporter of GroceryAid since 2015 and for the past three years has continued to increase their support for this worthy cause.

In March, AGUK attended GroceryAid’s Annual Gala Ball as one of the sponsors. With over 1,100 leaders from across the industry in attendance, GroceryAid raised a total of £550,000 for individuals and families within the grocery industry in need.




Advantage Group UK is proud to have participated in this memorable evening and to have contributed to the impressive support raised for GroceryAid. Advantage Group UK was awarded a GroceryAid Achievement Award in recognition of their continued support throughout 2017.




Today, thousands of grocery people turn to GroceryAid for financial support and practical assistance. From regular monetary support, crisis grants, to a new cooker or respite care, GroceryAid strives to make life better for grocery people in need. Their confidential Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This comprehensive service offers guidance from professional advisers and a wide range of online services. It focuses on personal problems, financial guidance, legal support, workload, health and well-being, stress and depression. For more information about GroceryAid’s upcoming events, visit:

Advantage Group UK will continue to support GroceryAid's events. Based on the tremendous success of the recent Ball, Barcode Festival promises to be fantastic: 

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