Advantage Report™ USA Talks Higher Sales Performance at Food Marketing Institute Conference

In January, Advantage Report™ USA was asked to join the Keynote session at the FMI (Food Marketing Institute) Mid-Winter Executive Conference. The audience consisted of over 400 professionals from the C-Suite and sales teams at some of America's largest Grocery Retailers and CPG Suppliers.

USA Country Manager, Marc Hubbard discussed how and why collaborative retailers and suppliers deliver higher sales performance. Marc also discussed three key behaviors retailers and suppliers each need to demonstrate to deliver superior business performance.


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Top performing retailers take a collaborative approach with their suppliers, meaning they don’t dictate. This doesn't mean that they are weak negotiators, it means that they don’t approach suppliers in a combative way. Top retailers are excellent communicators.

"How can a supplier be expected to support a retailers' business needs, if it's not clear and consistent in what those needs are? The best retailers have tremendous follow-up and follow through. Their word is their bond, but sadly many suppliers feel that many retailers are not consistent.” according to Marc.


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For suppliers, Marc discussed how geat suppliers have great supply chain! They might not be perfect, but its table stakes in order to have the right to talk about great marketing.

"The leading suppliers deliver consistent performance in every major area (Advantage Report) measures, year of over, and are actively working on improvement. Proactive is a word  that retailers always use to describe their best suppliers.” says Marc. 

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