Advantage Team Member Supports Canadian Special Olympics Athletes

In August, Sammy Steiman, Advantage Senior Analyst, attended the 2018 Special Olympics Canada National Games in Antigonish, Nova Scotia (200km Northeast of Halifax). Athletes with various special needs from across Canada attended the 2018 games to compete in sports such as swimming, track and field, softball, bocce and rhythmic gymnastics. 

Special_Olympics_largeOutside of his role at Advantage, Sammy is a volunteer coach for his local Special Olympics swimming team. He spends much of the year training athletes with various cognitive disabilities, three of whom competed at this year’s National Games. Notably, one of the competing athletes is Sammy’s older brother, Jeffrey. In addition to competing in the National Games, Jeffrey was recognized as the 2018 Special Olympics Athlete of the year by the City of Toronto Sports Hall of Honour.

When asked to share his experience with Special Olympics, Sammy says:

“Special Olympics relies heavily on dedicated volunteers, and every volunteer plays a vital role. Their support and encouragement allow the athletes to achieve some of their largest goals and dreams. In turn, the athletes develop skills and traits that carry on to all aspects of their lives. While the athletes with Special Olympics have a very competitive spirit, the organization fosters a very team-based, collegial environment. That is, every athlete aims to do their best and does so while helping other fellow athletes succeed. Overall, watching the athletes compete together and have smiles on their faces creates a feeling unlike any other”. 


Jeffrey (middle lane) and competitors racing 100m Breaststroke

After a successful series of races, the athletes returned to Toronto sporting several medals including a gold for each athlete. Jeffrey won an impressive bronze medal in the 50 Metre Backstroke, a silver medal in the 100 Metre Breaststroke and a gold medal in the 50 Metre Butterfly. Bravo! Congratulations to Sammy’s brother, Jeffrey, and fellow swimmers for their accomplishments at the Special Olympics Canada National Games!

In 2011, Advantage Group International established “a.i.d.”, Advantage International Days, providing all team members globally with a day off to volunteer in their community. In the first five years, Advantage Associates logged approximately 1,000 hours of volunteer work, served 1,500 meals, and raised over $35,000 for local causes.

“We are so proud of the dedicated work that Sammy does for the Special Olympics, and the commitment of all of our passionate volunteers at Advantage!” says Lisa Lamoureux, Director, Human Resources, Advantage 

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