A Summer Internship Opportunity with Advantage in Toronto

It’s officially summer and the Toronto office at Advantage is full of new faces! Students completing internship programs from various post-secondary institutions across Ontario have joined our team for the next few months to support a variety of departments.

We are pleased to welcome eleven summer students from various business, technology and design programs at the University of Guelph-Humber, Western University and Sheridan College.

“We are happy to have interns join us in the summer. It’s a mutually beneficial experience that we hope to continue to foster” says Nirvana Mathura, Human Resource Manager.

 Meet Karl, our User Experience Design Intern.

Karl Achiles Advantage Group User Experience Design Intern

Karl is a member of the Commercial and Market Development Team at Advantage and is currently enrolled in his 4th year of Interaction Design at Sheridan College.

In studying Interaction Design, Karl investigates how people engage with all forms of digital technology and designs solutions to make this process more seamless. 

At Advantage, Karl spends the bulk of his time working to enhance the design and functionality of Advantage ReportTM, as we work towards a redesigned report for 2019. Karl uses the design principles learned in school to ensure that report tables and charts are user-friendly and intuitive.  

When asked to share a bit about his co-op experience at Advantage thus far, Karl shares:

“The team here is cool. They give me the flexibility to do my job. I appreciate working in both an independent environment and a group setting” says Karl. "I feel that the working environment at Advantage is great for receiving feedback and critiques on my work - this experience has already really helped to improve my design skills." 

June 2018 Advantage Team Lunch - Karl Design Intern

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