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Posted September 23, 2022

Advantage Group International is seeking an ambitious and resilient Key Accounts Director, France, to join us in our journey of helping people and organizations work better together.

What Matters To Us:

Over thirty five years ago, in Toronto, Canada, Founder Ron Pirie championed the belief that businesses work better together when they commit to actively listening and responding to each other’s feedback. Strong and measurable relationships lie at the heart of improved business performance.

However, how do you measure this? This is where Advantage comes in. We help you asses the health of your business relationships and provide, amongst other things, a competitive benchmark to evaluate your performance.

Stronger collaboration leads to better business results in any market and any industry, our relationship benchmarking capabilities have become the gold standard for measuring business-to-business engagement in over 45+ countries.

Who We're Seeking to Join Our Team in France:

The French Market is on a mission to accelerate the engagement between suppliers and retailers, by expanding in new sectors, new industries, and new retail, but also by improving the delivery of critical insights to its clients in order to strengthen their engagement with their business partners and accelerate growth.

We are looking for a Key Accounts Director with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a growth mindset, who engages at C-Suite level, and who is excited about:

  1. Improving Engagement by deepening Retailer, Supplier and client relationships
  2. Growing New Businesses in FMCG and Retail and expanding in new sectors (Services, Pharmacy, etc.)
  3. Acting as a business advisor, turning data into actionable insights to grow our Advisory services

Reporting to our Managing Director, France, the successful candidate ideally holds 8 to10+ years of experience in consulting, key account sales and/or customer marketing/development roles at a consulting firm, large FMCG supplier, and/or has held senior management positions at a grocery, drug, convenience or online retailer.

The ideal candidate will have strong experience and connectivity with FMCG retailers and suppliers and/or a successful Experience in another industry or B2B channel.

What Success Looks Like In This Role:

Provide organisational, sales and client service leadership for the Advantage business in the French marketplace. Grow new markets and sectors. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Achieve sales and profit goals by maximising client retention and increasing market penetration
  • Identify and pursue new business opportunities
  • Build strong business relationships with our FMCG and Retail clients and ensure that they are gaining value and insights from the Advantage program
  • As a thought leader, help to enhance the Advantage brand within the FMCG and Retail community through keynote presentations, conference/association participation, white papers, published articles, and other similar efforts
  • Assist in developing annual business plans and provide Advantage Global with regular reports and updates
  • Provide leadership to and support the French operations and field coordination team
  • Work closely with the French operations and field coordination teams to ensure the client service responsibilities of program management are conducted in a timely and well managed fashion
  • Work closely with the Commercial and Finance teams to ensure alignment to business strategy and processes
  • Deliver insightful and impactful presentations and workshops

Where You'll Be Located:

This role is remote (home office based), but potentially evolve into an in-market office. We support a hybrid way of work. Location preferred in Paris or with easy access to Paris.

Travel will be determined based on client needs, as many presentations and sales meetings may be conducted virtually.

Travel may include:

  1. To client and retailer offices for presentations and meetings
  2. Occasionally to Regional connect meetings in Europe or Toronto Office
  3. Relevant conferences or industry events

The Capabilities and Skills that Matter:

  • Experience and understanding in the FMCG and Retail industry
  • Analytical skills : interpreting data into contextually relevant, impactful insights for clients
  • Strong network of contacts amongst FMCG suppliers and retailers – strong capability in relationship building
  • Strong and demonstrated Business development orientation and growth mindset
  • Client-service minded attitude
  • Practical understanding of market research principles / concepts, attention to details
  • Ability to manage complex research / consulting engagements
  • Stellar written and oral communication skills, impactful and creative presentation skills
  • Fluency in French and English languages
  • Ability to work independently and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • A positive attitude, zest for learning and always seeking innovations and efficiencies

The Competencies We Value:

  • Advantage has identified the following set of competencies that successful client service leaders demonstrate and develop in the role over time:

    Outstanding Industry Connectivity

    Building thriving relationships within the industry, particularly CPG companies and retail groups. Becoming a trusted advisor within the CPG community and creating mutually beneficial relationships with individuals outside of our own organization that allows access to resources and expertise.

    Client Leadership

    Acting as an advocate for our clients, understanding their needs, and recommending the right solutions. Conducting the necessary activities to drive long-term, sustainable, profitable growth for both Advantage and our clients, while achieving high levels of client engagement.

    Prospecting for Growth

    The ability to use prospecting principles, processes, and tools to identify and engage potential clients in the market while continually prospecting within existing clients to capitalize on additional business opportunities.

    Effective Communication

    Understanding and applying effective communication concepts, tools, and techniques. The ability to effectively transmit, receive, and interpret ideas, information, and needs through the application of appropriate communication behaviors.

    Insightful Presentations

    The ability to present innovative, actionable insights using relevant market data and trends. Proficient at using storytelling tools and techniques to engage clients and deliver new information.

    Business and Financial Planning

    The ability to apply financial concepts to make business plans and decisions to create value for our company and our clients.

    Entrepreneurial Drive

    The ability to take different actions to overcome obstacles that get in the way of reaching goals. Being driven, ambitious, and motivated to grow the business and exceed targets consistently and successfully.

    Strategic Agility

    The ability to anticipate future opportunities and trends accurately. Being future oriented and able to create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans.

    Superior Commanding Skills

    The ability to eliminate road blocks to zero in on what’s important. Being able to take unpopular stands when necessary and face adversity head on.

    Coaching for Success

    Knowledge of coaching concepts and methods; ability to encourage, motivate, and guide individuals or teams in learning and improving effectiveness.

Why Should You Work For Us?

Advantage offers an excellent work-life balance, including the following:

  • Stable company with an established client-base
  • Flex culture
  • Intelligent and passionate team members
  • Unique business problem, a new challenge around every corner
  • Competitive salary package
  • Generous leave policy and holiday office closure