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Select the Advantage platform that fits your needs

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The Advantage Method

Needs Discovery

The journey to more meaningful business-to-business relationships begins with collaboration. Our experts work closely with you to identify the engagement program that fits your needs.

Data Collection

We design and deploy a survey to request feedback from your partners. Performance-based questions and live interviews uncover insights into the state of your relationships.


Our digital solutions structure your quantitative and qualitative relationship data into digestible analytics. Dive into your results to discover opportunities for deeper engagement.


Our experts unveil industry trends and how they impact your business locally and globally. They uncover where to channel your resources to create meaningful change.

Action Planning

Gather key stakeholders for an Advantage workshop to outline processes and prioritize initiatives. Set realistic engagement goals that align with your strategic business plans.

Digital Solutions

Discover the platforms driving meaningful relationships

Annual syndicated benchmarking

Experience Advantage ReportTM differently.
A performance evaluation program that provides a holistic view of your B2B relationships and creates focus on areas for improved engagement and commercial impact.

Frequent custom feedback

A real-time listening platform that tracks your B2B relationships over time, ensuring that engagements are deepening, effective and consistently driving revenue.

Advantage Growth Academy

Specialized skill-building for key stakeholder groups

Supporting Account Teams

Account teams are at the centre of value creation for your business. Having diverse and talented account teams is vital. Assessing their effectiveness allows for improvement to drive greater value and engagement with your customers. With Advantage 360° Listening, receive critical feedback on the pillars of account team performance.

Engaging Distributor Partners

Distributors provide suppliers with a competitive route-to-market, driving engagement with local retailers while protecting the integrity of their brand promise. Building strong partnerships with Distributors requires measuring and managing the effectiveness of their capabilities, this is made possible with Advantage Distributor Engagement.

Motivating Field Sales Teams

Your field sales teams are your business’ competitive advantage. Continually improving their effectiveness will drive improved executional capabilities and business results. Advantage Accelerator will bring customer transparency to the effectiveness of each sales representative across your network, optimizing the ROI of teams.

Empowering Sales Teams

A changing business environment requires readiness. Is your sales team fit for the future retail landscape? Today’s sales competencies may not reflect what will matter tomorrow. With Advantage Ascend, build a future-based competency model to align sales teams and provide a roadmap for development and improved performance.