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Relationships are fundamental to a business’ success. Advantage Analytics provides you with an understanding of the health of your B2B relationships, enabling you to achieve greater alignment and trust with your partners—and ultimately unlocking unrealized potential.

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Interactive experience

A clear user interface makes data analysis simple and intuitive, allowing you to uncover patterns of behaviour and sentiment.

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Driven by Insights

Storytelling dashboards move you through the data, empowering you to unlock opportunities for deeper engagements.

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Oriented for Action

Discover how to turn insights into actionable plans and embed behaviour-changing capabilities across your business.

Three steps to deeper engagement

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Data Collection

Quantitative feedback is collected from you and your partners annually via a syndicated engagement survey. Respondents rate your business’ engagement in accordance with a 5-point rating scale across our benchmarked business practices. We then follow up with respondents to collect qualitative feedback to uncover the sentiment behind their scoring.

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We organize and structure your data to begin to gain an understanding of your relationships. Advantage Analytics presents your performance back to you in a digestible format in order for you to clearly see where you stand with individual business partners and in comparison with the competitive landscape. The data can also be sliced and viewed from a wider or narrower lens.

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Our experts review and analyze your data to discover insights that will make your relationships more meaningful and impactful. These insights are presented back to you in order to bring to light focus areas for improvement in your business relationships. Your takeaway is an actionable process to embed engagement within your most pressing partnerships.