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Gain an ongoing Advantage

Engagement is amplified when you introduce continuous attention and refinement to partnerships. Advantage Cadence can create and maintain a highly engaged business stakeholder community that understands and advocates for your business.

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Fully customizable

Agile to align with your business’ goals. Program timing, practices, and filters are all tailored to your needs.

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Flexible set-up

Designed to make piloting engagement programs in new markets, industries, and segments simple and efficient.

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Device agnostic

Works across all operating systems and devices with no software installation or authentication process required.

Three steps to greater advocacy

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Data Collection

Quantitative and qualitative feedback is collected from your respondents in one or more waves via a custom survey. Respondents rate your business’ engagement in accordance with a 5-point rating scale across a program-specific practice set.

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Advantage Cadence presents your performance back to you in real-time, empowering you to monitor participation, observe feedback, and stay involved throughout the entire program. We provide ongoing support and monitor your program’s activities to ensure a high concentration of quality feedback.

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Our experts review and analyze your data to discover insights that will make your relationships more meaningful and impactful. These insights are presented back to you following each program wave to enable intuitive action planning among teams. Future waves of the survey are refined in accordance with your business’ changing environment and goals.