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Performance insights for strategic partnerships

Our suite of engagement solutions are designed for end-to-end B2B performance insights in order to improve supplier engagement, retailer engagement, and employee engagement. They serve as proactive tools to enable businesses to be better together by creating engagement programs that allow individuals and organizations to listen and respond more fluidly.

Listening is the critical component. In B2B relationship management, our decades of market-leading experience has shown us time and time again that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to effective, impactful relationships. This means listening, before responding. It means using a methodology that allows us to create unique, tailored solutions for each client. This is where the Advantage method comes in.

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The Advantage Method

Needs Discovery

The journey to more meaningful business-to-business relationships begins with collaboration. Our experts work closely with you to identify the engagement program that fits your needs.

Data Collection

We design and deploy a survey to request feedback from your partners. Performance-based questions and live interviews uncover insights into the state of your relationships.


Our digital solutions structure your quantitative and qualitative relationship data into digestible analytics. Dive into your results to discover opportunities for deeper engagement.


Our experts unveil industry trends and how they impact your business locally and globally. They uncover where to channel your resources to create meaningful change.

Action Planning

Gather key stakeholders for an Advantage workshop to outline processes and prioritize initiatives. Set realistic engagement goals that align with your strategic business plans.

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Navigate Your Relationships

Each of our engagement solutions can work as a standalone service; however, the combination of creating a clear focus, enabling always-on listening, and embedding an action-focused plan equates to a more robust measurement of your company’s performance. These solutions are proven to empower our clients to collaborate more effectively with their partners and lay a foundation for success by ensuring that both suppliers and retailers are working with the shopper’s needs at the core of their everyday decision making.