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The Advantage Custom Approach

Our Custom Solutions are built on the expertise we have gained through the success of the Advantage ReportTM. However, because of the ongoing feedback that a Custom Solution provides, programs are designed to meet the specifics of your business, meaning there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on your key needs in order to guarantee the most significant impact on your B2B relationships.

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5 Key Needs for Designing
Custom Solutions


1. Receive more frequent feedback

Our engagement programs are an incredible tool for performance benchmarking over multiple timeframes. They allow for assessment and future planning based on understanding a pattern of trended results. Introducing a Custom Solution enables you to keep in-step, with regular results reviews throughout your engagement journey for more insightful measurement of your performance.

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2. Explore new topics

Change is inevitable: industry trends take shape, innovations hit the market, and new competitors emerge. A Custom Solution can arm your team with the additional insight to confidently move forward with a complex strategic decision or consider an entirely different approach to managing your business with key partners.

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3. Track the success of your action plan

After implementing an action plan it may be necessary to measure and manage internal buy-in to assess the plan's success before each wave of feedback. Our Custom Solutions allow you to run programs to pulse check how your new actions and behaviours are landing with your intended audience.

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4. Gain feedback from new accounts, business functions or partners

You may want to extend the scope of what you’re exploring within your own business, your partner’s business, or explore new respondents for feedback. Our Custom Solutions enable you to flex the questions you want answers to and the respondents you want to hear from. Do this at any time and gain immediate insights into your new area of interest.

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5. Gain specific feedback from your own team

Much of our work's initial focus is to identify pain points and success stories in the relationship between you and your business partners. However, understanding your own internal strengths and weaknesses is key to delivering impact in your external relationships. We have Custom Solutions that can be applied to deepen your understanding of how you operate on the inside of your business for a clearer picture of how your people can work better together.