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Realize More Concentrated Feedback

We understand meaningful B2B relationships based on our extensive history with the Advantage ReportTM. Through our Custom Solutions, we partner with you to create a unique, evolving plan to deliver a more meaningful deep dive into particular areas of your ways of working, with stakeholders that you want to hear from.

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4 Benefits to Adopting a
Custom Solution


1. Ongoing feedback and improvement

Our Custom Solutions help businesses that are committed to consistent adaptation and innovation. Once a baseline of B2B relationship performance has been mapped, the suite of programs that make up your Custom Solution can be run in multiple waves to create an ongoing feedback loop. At any time and with the guidance of your Engagement Advisor, you can adjust the program’s frequency, question set, audience and timing to your business’ specific needs.


2. Gain an ecosystem of feedback

Our suite of engagement solutions are designed to work together to strengthen and solidify your B2B relationships. We are able to deliver an extra level of intelligence to your business’ performance based on the things you want to know. This allows for feedback designed to impact decision-making in the most important areas of your business and how you manage relationships with your business partners.

Program Benefits

3. Actionable, end-to-end solutions

Our focus is always on converting program insights into actionable solutions. Not only do we help create the research and insights plan, but we will also bring industry experience and best-in-class knowledge to the implementation. Beginning with a needs assessment to identify the right program for you, to preparing you for the next wave of feedback, our team works with you to ensure the most effective long-term success plan is in place.


4. Flexible application across any engagement

Custom Solutions provide the versatility of taking on the packaging of your organization’s branding through white-labelling as a company owned feedback program for a seamless experience with your respondent base. No matter your goals, the engagement solution is always flexible and tailored to your business’ knowledge needs.