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The Industry Standard for B2B Engagement in FMCG


As a result of the Advantage Report, businesses across the globe have measured, tracked, and strengthened their business-to-business performance. Through data collection, data analytics, and insights generation, our Engagement Advisors guide supplier and retailer clients to find new and improved ways of working together that will ultimately lead to greater commercial success.

The leading FMCG suppliers and retailers rely on Advantage Report annually for deepening collaboration throughout their business, hand-in-hand with partners.

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A Clear Assessment of Where Your Company Stands

As an Advantage Report sponsor, you’ll receive an annual report on the state of your business from the perspective of your B2B partners - a look at your business from the outside in. The benchmarked performance feedback you receive is just the beginning, there’s a great deal more to the engagement journey than the final output.

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A Simple and Efficient Engagement Process

The journey to more engaged business partnerships begins with data collection. Our expert team collects first-hand quantitative data by surveying individuals at your partners’ businesses, diving deeper on what they discover through qualitative interviews with key stakeholders. This process gives us a clear and honest vantage point into the health of your unique business partnerships.

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A Catalyst for Change within Your Business

A dedicated Engagement Advisor will apply their industry expertise to your results to generate insights to deepen your B2B engagement. It is important to remember that the report is just the beginning. It serves as the vehicle for change, not the change itself. Follow our recommended process for embedding Advantage Report within your business to derive the most significant value from your insights.

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An Evolving Understanding of Your Partners

Advantage Report has grown to service over 40 markets globally because of our proven track record of supporting suppliers and retailers in driving deeper, more meaningful B2B relationships. Additional benefits to clients of Advantage include gaining new perspectives, defining measurable success, and cultivating richer culture, among other key areas of impact.