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This innovative mindset led us to pilot a new engagement experience over the past two years, which we are now ready to debut globally.

AR ES Jan 26, 2022

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How We’re Innovating in 2022

Advantage Group International Today & Tomorrow Engagement Framework

Debuting a framework for the present and future

The new Advantage Report is built on an engagement framework designed to collect feedback and derive insights relevant to how a supplier or retailer performs as a partner today and how they are set up to do business alongside partners in the future. This means more efficient feedback collection. Improving the respondent experience and providing greater feedback relevancy ensures focus is placed on actions needed to improve your relationships today, and tomorrow.

New Advantage Report Engagement Drivers

Measuring the engagement areas that matter most

Aligned with a new framework are four refined engagement areas for partnering companies to provide feedback on and are measured in accordance with. These new areas are Partnership, Execution, Reputation, and Vision. Based on our extensive research, it is these four pillars of performance that define supplier-retailer engagement in the current and future FMCG landscape.

New Advantage Report Scording Methodology

Aligning supplier and retailer partners like never before

The evolution of the Advantage Report is intended to create closer alignment between suppliers and retailers, including the metrics that both partners are measured on. To successfully forge the path to greater alignment, we are introducing a new standardized scoring system evolved from our trusted Net Favourable methodology. This allows for improved distribution of ratings and maximizes the robustness of a client’s results, ensuring that every voice is represented.

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