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This innovative mindset led us to launch a pilot program, A2.0, in Canada and New Zealand in 2020.

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The Innovation Behind A2.0

A framework for the present and future

The new framework on which A2.0 is built is designed to gain feedback relevant to how a supplier or retailer performs as a partner today and how they are set-up to do business alongside partners in the future. This means we collect feedback on fewer questions - improving the respondent experience - and those questions are more concentrated to prevent overlap and ensure focus is placed on actions needed to improve the relationship today, and tomorrow.

More refined performance areas

Aligned with a new framework are four refined performance areas that partnering companies provide feedback on and are measured in accordance with. These new areas are Partnership, Execution, Reputation, and Vision. Based on our extensive research, it is these four pillars of performance that define supplier-retailer engagement in the current and future FMCG landscape.

Respondent experience with greater ease

Our A2.0 pilot utilizes the same method of data collection as Advantage Report, but condenses the collection of quantitative data and qualitative data into one seamless step. With A2.0, respondents are asked to rate partnering businesses using a 5-star rating scale and simultaneously reflect on those ratings by providing qualitative feedback in support. This succinct data collection allows respondents to provide more robust performance feedback for partnering companies to understand and action.

Standardized scoring methodology

The evolution of the Advantage Report is intended to create closer alignment between suppliers and retailers, including the metrics that both partners are measured on. To successfully forge the path to greater alignment, we have created a new, standardized scoring system to measure both sides of the relationship: Advantage Performance Index (API). API is a comprehensive measurement of engagement that aggregates the scores from the four strategic areas to paint a complete picture of your B2B relationship.

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