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Ensuring the Greatest Value Is Derived

The Advantage Report isn’t created to sit on someone’s desk or in their inbox, it is designed to be shared and serve as the inspiration for a workflow and communication strategy that helps businesses be better together. Once feedback is provided, it can be damaging to simply sit on what you’ve learned, as employees and partners feel that their time and effort was wasted. The value of the Advantage Report lies in how you use it.

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The Path to Implementing Advantage Report Learnings

How to Use AR 1

1. Communicate internally

The first step is to make sure that all of the key stakeholders within your business know and understand your Advantage Report results. This requires a conscious effort is made to ensure that all Account Managers and Sales Team members have the time to unpack the results. This should include both time for them to read through the results as individuals and for teams to come together and have someone close to the work (alongside your trusted engagement advisor) talk them through the findings. Communicating internally should lead to roundtable discussions on what should be done about your business’ opportunities for improvement and strengths to defend.

How to Use AR 2

2. Create a strategy

Following the internal sharing of results, structured sessions in which your team creates effective strategies for deepening B2B relationships with your partners should take place. With all critical individuals and teams involved, the sessions should focus on how to communicate with partners, how workflow models can be adjusted, and what the overall goals of the strategy should be. Creating a strategy should lead to building documents that frame strategic communication practices, highlight how new workflow models will be introduced, and define what success looks like.

How to Use AR 3

3. Align with your partner

Using your strategy as a framework, you should present your action plan to your partner to build trust and confidence and align on what you both must do. This plan should be shared with all relevant individuals at your partner’s business. Deeper discussions should be had between senior team members to align on goals and forge a path for sustainable improvement. With their goals and objectives in mind, your discussions should centre on key opportunities and workflow practices that will deliver the most significant, long-term impact.

How to Use AR 4

4. Focus on goals (and evolve)

The goals of each team that works with (or is affected by) your relationship with your partner should ladder up to the goals you’ve created internally and those you’ve created with your partner. The original insights from the Advantage Report will have guided your work to date and should be a reference point for the goals of individuals, teams, and the organization at large. Focusing on goals creates organizational and partnership alignment, ensuring that you are being guided by what you learned from the Advantage Report. The next annual report will then help guide the evolutions that may be needed.