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Step 2: Goal Setting and Action Planning

Where do you want to improve? By setting goals, you will hold yourselves and your teams accountable. Consider:

  • Are you in the lower tier seeking to move up?
  • Is there a burning platform against which you need to leapfrog?
  • Are you closing the gap to be the industry leader?
  • Are you aiming to be in the top three for your category?
  • Or are you simply trying to stop putting out fires?

When action planning, interpret the feedback through four lenses to successfully identify key strengths and opportunities:

  1. Your company’s performance in the current year, both as a score and relative to your competitive set
  2. Your performance over time, where have you improved the most or decline the most?
  3. Your performance relative to what is most significant to your customers
  4. Your performance relative to your strategic goals, both internally such as company objectives and externally such as JBP plans

Once you have defined your priorities, take a close look at them and think about the importance of getting the basics consistently right. Typically, supply chain, customer service and retail execution are some of the prerequisites to be able to engage with customers about promotions, category or strategy.

When you have an idea of your goal and what your priorities are, you are off to a great start.

Remember, it’s important to create action plans at both the market and customer level, established companywide objectives and take a more granular. Approach to understanding and delivering on your individual customer feedback, it is at the account level where you will make the most progress.

Conduct your action planning sessions to allow for cross team sharing of best practices and approaches, integrate regular reviews into your calendar to ensure that plans are being discussed throughout the year.