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Step 1: Sharing the Results Internally

Customer feedback has to matter to everyone in your organization, from the board of directors to the individual contributor. No one in an organization is exempt from the obligation to ensure that customers are the focal point of all decisions.

Best in class suppliers communicate what constitutes a healthy customer engagement culture and ensures that everyone understands the role they play in making this culture real.

They are intentional about cascading the feedback and results they receive throughout their organization. This includes up and down the hierarchy and across the cross-functional business, engaging sales and customer teams, supply chain, marketing category insights, e-commerce and sustainability functions, and even H.R.and finance teams.

They recognize that customer engagement is not an all or nothing concept. It constantly moves along a continuum. As a result, there’s a comfort in discussing their customer engagement culture within the organization as well as externally.

Best in class suppliers frequently measure their health of their customer engagement culture with a focus on trends rather than absolute values. This empowers them to understand the journey and if it’s going in the right direction.

Best-in-class suppliers come together to discuss their Advantage Report Customer feedback and ask:

  • What’s good?
  • What’s not?
  • Why might that be?
  • Where can we go from good to great?
  • Where do we need to improve?
  • Are there any immediate fixes required?
  • Where are we with our customers today and where do we want to be tomorrow?

They embrace feedback even when it’s not as good as they want it to be, because it represents an opportunity for growth.