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Advantage Analytics:
What You'll Experience

The series of storytelling dashboards deliver impact by ensuring that the information is presented in a consistent, dynamic and flexible environment. Users now have the ability to slice and segment performance data based on their role within the organization, saving time by allowing them to focus on the improvement areas where they can provide the greatest impact.

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The Benefits of Advantage Analytics

Ultimately, Advantage Analytics provides you with a clear view of the health of your B2B relationships, enabling you to achieve greater alignment and synergy with your partners through improved performance —and ultimately unlocking unrealized potential through four major benefits:

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1. Increases the accessibility of feedback

Through its design, Advantage Analytics makes deciphering the data and understanding insights of Advantage Report much simpler and more accessible, ensuring your overall experience is more valuable and robust. Rather than asking sponsors to sift through an extensive report, our 15 dashboards offer an easy-to-understand visual language for articulating the challenges and successes within your partnerships.

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2. Empowers you to seek out solutions

By presenting you with a more intuitive way to understand the feedback you receive through Advantage Report, your time can be focused on seeking out solutions to the challenges we’ve identified in your B2B relationships. This ensures that our findings are more impactful to your business goals.


3. Illustrates what's driving performance

The storytelling dashboards within Advantage Analytics clearly articulate what’s driving performance, beneficial in creating a narrative to share with your business for further action. As a flexible BI tool, your data within the dashboards can be exported into a variety of formats for internal share-outs.

Introducing AA 4

4. Improves action planning capabilities

Advantage Analytics makes it possible for you to toggle, search, filter, and segment data by team, department, or region, which makes it possible to build your action plan around solving diverse, nuanced problems. The functionality of the dashboard means that organization-wide challenges and team-specific challenges can be tackled with the same rigour.

Advantage Analytics Global

Advantage Analytics
Global Intelligence

For global and regional stakeholders, Advantage Analytics Global Intelligence (AAGI) exists to provide a centralized reporting environment for analyzing performance across all local markets and the ability to segment the data by each country/region they operate in. AAGI is valuable in identifying best-in-class performance and watch-outs as well as informing strategies and initiatives above a local market level.

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