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The Advantage Method in Action

Through our refined process, we are able to collect a robust assortment of business partner feedback and build out strategic recommendations that make sense for your business's goals, culture, and targets. After conducting a thorough assessment of your business’ needs, our team of B2B engagement experts partake in four main activities to bring Advantage Report to life.

Quantitative Data Collection

After assembling your unique respondent database, we deploy a tailored survey to request feedback about the state of the relationship between you and your business partners. The feedback collected is anonymous and confidential. Your panel members rank your business’ performance across a variety of critical partnership areas including strategy, operations, customer service, marketing, innovation, people and more. Your company’s performance in these partnership areas is instrumental in identifying your ability to contribute to the partnership as a constructive, attentive, and empathetic partner.

Qualitative Data Collection

Our expert researchers go one step further and conduct live interviews with selected members of your respondent audience to further understand the emotional sentiment behind their quantitative scores. Data collected at this phase will focus on understanding why individuals rated the B2B relationship as they did, providing you with a more comprehensive understanding of the partnership’s internal dynamics.

Data Analytics

With the quantitative and qualitative data collected, this is where Advantage’s B2B engagement experts deliver impact for our clients. All data is compiled into a performance report, which can be filtered and examined by market, region, channel, function and benchmark, breaking down the information into relevant buckets based on the user. From here, stakeholders can then further by dissecting Advantage Report results according to their own workstreams, focusing their efforts on low-performing opportunities to improve or high-performing areas to defend.

Insights Generation

At this stage, a dedicated engagement advisor who understands your business’ priorities will apply their industry expertise to your results to generate insights that can be actioned to deepen your B2B engagement. The insights our experts generate will incorporate your results with some of the best-in-class examples we are seeing in the FMCG space today. Their unbiased, objective lens has helped our clients from across the globe uncover areas for optimization, greater efficiency, and ultimately, success. The output from the insights generation phase will be tailored to your business to paint a global picture of how optimization would impact B2B partnerships and business performance for you.