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On our continuous journey to making it matter, the Advantage Report is our high-performing vehicle for change. We have distilled the main benefits of Advantage Report for your business down to six key areas of impact.

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Gain new perspective

Leverage Advantage Report to quickly identify areas of opportunity and strengths to defend based on your partner’s perspective of your performance. Dedicate focus to the areas where there is misalignment between your efforts and how you are perceived.

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Align with partners

Insights generated by the Advantage Report will immediately highlight where your priorities are at odds with your partners priorities, giving you the opportunity to find new ways to align and drive success together for greater value.


Benchmark against competitors

With our expertise in the supplier-retail landscape, the Advantage Report is created with an eye on how you can gain allyship with your most coveted partners in order to outcompete your competition for sales, talent, and resources.

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Define measurable success

Utilize Advantage Report to define the right KPIs and metrics that will dictate what success looks like for your business internally and in your B2B relationships. We will work with you to create systems that monitor and evolve your performance.

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Cultivate richer culture

The Advantage Report not only works to improve your B2B relationships but also your internal culture, as cross-functional teams must come together in support of shared objectives that put partner engagement at the heart of your business.

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Collaborate more effectively

Trust is a prerequisite for great collaboration. Advantage Report is focused on weaving trust across all partnership areas to build stronger and longer lasting supplier-retailer partnerships.