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What Can You Expect from
Advantage Advisory Services?


The core goal of our Advisory Services is to design and deliver specialized skill-building programs. Like everything we do, the journey to uncovering the right plan is complex and requires a unique approach for each of our clients, as well as the specific individuals and teams we’re working with.

We offer a wide range of programs that will guide prioritization based on your needs and objectives including, but not limited to: consulting, workshopping, learning sessions, demonstrations or a combination of these formats.

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Our Approach to Impactful Guidance


1. Conduct a needs assessment

One of our Engagement Advisors will take you and your team through a Needs Assessment to personalize the best program for your organization and identify the stakeholder group(s) within your business who would benefit most from the intimate, real-world learning experience.

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2. Focus on collaboration

Consulting is often tarnished with a negative brush due to a lecturing approach from the third-party agent. At Advantage, we apply our gift for listening to work closely with your team on the journey to a clear internal plan that will create the necessary structural and behavioural change to create long-term impact.

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3. Asking reflective questions

Again, we’re not walking in with all the answers, we’re using our decades of institutional knowledge and industry experience to find the right questions for you and your organization to ask itself. Our aim is to assist you on your journey to the answers you need, not simply dictate ideas.


4. Uncover the barriers to success

In our experience, most teams and organizations in the FMCG space are aware of what they should do, but they’re stuck behind barriers they don’t know how to navigate. Our team will work with you to uncover what the barriers to success are so that you can start actioning a plan based on organizational priorities and goals.

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5. Move forward together

Due to our uniquely tailored approach for each client, we move through the program we work with you to design at a pace that allows us to bring all your key stakeholders along. There is no value in convincing a small number of people to follow the right path quickly, we want to ensure that everyone moves along the path together.