Top CPG Retailers participate in our program

Advantage Report™ Mirror complements Advantage Report™ and completes the 360° view of the supplier/retailer relationship. Here are some of the retailers that are participating in our program: 

How has your company changed its approach to doing business as a result of Advantage Report™?

"Using the information from the Advantage Report™, we are able to action specific areas where improvement is needed and can track this accordingly year over year. By having this data, we are able to put people on specific work streams and build an action plan to address these improvement areas."

"We have created a specific satellite team responsible for driving the customer focus across all functions in all channels to keep Advantage Report feedback at the forefront and heart of everything everyone does every day."

"Advantage Report™ drives cross functional discussions and alignment that enables better performance both internally and externally."

"We leverage the Advantage Report results as a key measure for our team performance. Feedback from the report drives changes across our organization."

"We have built part of the action into our JBP (Joint Business Planning) and shared with customer proactively, which generate a very collaborative climate for partnership."

After receiving Advantage Report™ data last year, what if anything did your company do differently?

"It was distributed to the teams and they identified the opportunities defined in the survey. We integrated that into our corporate and individual goals. Our team development and personal goals were aligned to improving those opportunities. We talked to the retailers more candidly, so the survey enabled that kind of conversation."

"We had a lot of conversations with retailers. We recognized where we got specific feedback on things we need to change and do differently, or reinforce where we are doing well. If we drop in aggregate on things, we take a step back and ask what has changed..."

"We were told a few years ago our company was rigid and internally focused. We were not customer focused...Customer-centricity is a key buzzword and actionable now...We believe the ratings have something to do with this."

What is the impact of changes made as a result of the Advantage Report™ on your business?

"Our company weighs the results very heavily and then we build strategies and initiatives around Advantage Report™ to improve our partnership. … We are getting tighter at building mutual strategies, versus just doing the same thing over and over."

"This is where our joint scorecard came from. As a supplier we look at what is important to us, so we asked the question what is important to their company. The impact this has had is the retailers have embraced the score card, and the meetings have become a lot more productive...It has increased our focus, and it has increased productivity in the meetings dramatically."

"It lets us expose some areas where we might think we are better than we are, or where we have opportunities. We think it is another great feedback loop for us to interact with our retail partners on. We definitely see an increase in results just because we have addressed [a particular] situation, or addressed the perception."

What would you tell other suppliers about participating in Advantage Report™?

"Advantage Report™ is the customer’s voice standing on its own within our organization...It is not just a once a year thing where we see the results, it does live on and helps change the culture and make a much more “customer focussed organization."

"Advantage Report™ gives you an unvarnished, realistic view of how your customer sees you...It allows you to look in the mirror and really see where your flaws are or what you do well and really accelerate those things that you do well."

Top FMCG Suppliers participate in our program

Advantage Report™ is a critical component for Category and Business Planning and often the catalyst to effective dialogue:

How has your company changed its approach to doing business as a result of Advantage Report™ Mirror?

"Advantage Report™ Mirror has helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses - the areas we can leverage on, and those we need to improve. We have been able to come up with more concrete action plans... now that we know the key areas of focus for our suppliers."

"Planning and execution became easier as the report quantifies the relationship we have with our collaborating companies."

"We are continuously thinking about improvement plans to enhance weak areas that needed improvements. Also in the perspective of collaboration, we also try to keep in mind our partner's important values."

After receiving Advantage Report™ Mirror data last year, what if anything did your company do differently?

"We looked at the results and it was really a wake-up call that we were not...where we want to be. We realized that we are probably a very difficult company to work with and we need to be much more transparent. One of the big wake-up calls for us was that we have to create a simpler organization to work with and we need to be more transparent. We now have a restructure where we are looking at [specific areas] to get that right."

"When we got the results, we brought all of the buyers together and our [leadership] shared the results with everyone. [They] also brought in some buyers who had higher scores than most and had them discuss what they do on their team to specifically help on certain categories. It is always great to understand someone else's approach to the category and partnerships; maybe there is a way to change our style or the way we approach things to help the partnership."

"We actually have very good conversations with some key suppliers leveraging the Advantage Report™ to develop an action plan for improvement for the following year. One of the suppliers brought the survey results and we looked at how we could work best together, what best-in-class looks like and what others are doing."

What is the impact of changes made as a result of Advantage Report™ Mirror on your business?

"Advantage Report™ Mirror has been the driver of how we make ourselves easier to deal with, bring more clarity, collaborate with our suppliers and decide who to collaborate more with. Our business experienced profitable growth."

"We looked at the Mirror Report and took it with a lot of emphasis and focus...One of the biggest things we saw was that senior-level engagement was down and we worked with our leadership to create a plan... so that the rating will go up... From heightened senior-level engagement, we are able to set priorities and strategy going forward, raise and mitigate issues, and have the transparency to resolve issues,... put forward actions, accountabilities and timelines."

"We [have] started to compare [suppliers] across multiple departments... In looking at the results they provided on Advantage, versus [how we scored them], we can start to have that conversation about what we are seeing and ask them what they are doing to address them. This helps us to emerge some best practices."

What would you tell retailers about participating in Advantage Report™ Mirror?

"Advantage Report™ Mirror allows a retailer to give direct feedback that translates through the entire organization. It gives the leadership of the supplier a holistic view of what that customer is saying about the supplier."

"It is an unvarnished truth, there is no leaving out stuff or missing stuff in a game of telephone. It is aggregated up and given out as one view for the customer. This is very valuable because if people have ulterior motives, or if there are people who do not want to share negative feedback that they get from their customers. [Advantage Report™ Mirror] gives them the opportunity to speak directly to leadership all at one time across multiple parts of a suppliers’ organization."

"Everyone is busy, especially in this new age of consolidation and all of the changes going on across the customer base. [However] it is probably the most important time to make sure we are aligning on where we are headed in collaboration; Are we working together? What do [retailers] want to see from the vendor community? Advantage Report™ Mirror helps drive mutual growth, better collaboration and more efficiency moving forward."

Multiple Industries both Globally and Locally

We believe that the strength of your business relationships are a key indicator of profitable growth and we are proud of our track record in helping companies strengthen business relationships across multiple industries. We also recognize the unique characteristics and differences across various industry segments and develop and deploy practices aligned with industry specific dynamics. Our unique approach enables our customers to rate rank and benchmark their performance in key segments. ( i.e. Grocery, Drug, Mass Merchandising).

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Mass Merchandising
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