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Infographic: Differing Views in the CPG Industry

A focus on sustainability is one of the ways that CPG suppliers and retailers deliver on their brand and customer promises.  Our research among 400+ CPG professionals demonstrates how sustainability strategies and initiatives are embedded across the sector. It also puts a lens on how stakeholder perspectives differ and may create barriers to effective sustainability partnerships.  This infographic shares retailer and supplier views and recommendations for what is crucial to close the gap on sustainability.



Rise Up!
Reaching Business Success Through Collaboration 

Collaboration is the only path for retailers and suppliers to retain the objectivity, flexibility and innovative muscle needed in today’s omnichannel trading environments. Achieving genuine partnership and strategic alignment requires the focus and appropriation of three pivotal organizational pillars within supplier and retailer organizations. This paper outlines the imperatives of effective collaboration across these three pillars and foreshadows the imminent risks of undervaluing the retailer-supplier relationship.


Confronting Opportunity:
The game-changing way to find true success

Companies and teams who embrace constructive confrontation are more likely to find success because they use open and honest exchanges of views in ‘safe’ forums to identify and build the case for game-changing opportunities. In this white paper, uncover the five crucial elements that make confrontation work and the ground rules for successful confrontation.



Driving Category Growth with Retailers
A Webinar in Collaboration with Meijer

Driving category growth is a top 3 driver of performance with Retailers. Learn the underlying competencies that Retailers look for from their Best-in-Class Suppliers. Hear from Meijer’s Group VP of Merchandising why driving category growth is Meijer’s #1 priority and how they effectively use Advantage ReportTM to support their vendor community, earning them the #1 Retailer rank in the US for the 5th year in a row in 2018.


Overcoming Omnichannel Challenges to Build Stronger Partnerships

This proprietary research examines how: retailers and suppliers are working together to overcome omnichannel obstacles to meet consumer demands. Advantage ReportTM USA provides insight into what consumers want, what challenges retailers and suppliers face as a result, and what is required to win in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

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Book Cover - Overcoming Omnichannel Obstacles, 2017

Gender Analysis:
Practices that Drive
Overall Performance

Advantage Group International analyzed 2017 USA Advantage Report™ data by gender. Male and female respondents have differing priorities regarding the practices that drive Overall Performance. Understanding how gender differences impact perceptions about business performance can provide valuable insight into the relationships between retailers and suppliers.

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Advantage Report™ aids Collaboration, a Building Block for Business Success for Retailers and Suppliers

This case study examines how: Advantage Report™ aids collaboration, a building block for business success, between retailers and suppliers. Jumbo Supermarkten, the second-largest grocery chain in the Netherlands, used Advantage Report to track, flag and understand supplier issues, for example with PepsiCo. By joining forces, sharing objectives and collaboratively working together, retailer Jumbo and vendor-partner PepsiCo grew the category double market growth, thereby creating a win-win.

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Advantage Report™ is a Diagnostic and Predictor of How the Johnson & Johnson Business Would Perform

This case study examines how: the Advantage Report™ is a diagnostic and predictor of how Johnson & Johnson businesses around the world would perform. Advantage Report provided a clear and consistent diagnostic of hot spots in business performance by functional area. It demonstrated a direct correlation between Advantage scores and business results.

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The Transforming Power of Integrated Thinking

This case study examines how: Kimberly-Clark® places consumers at the center of everything they do, and they look to us to help make that happen. Advantage provides them with a holistic understanding of their performance through feedback from their retailers' point of view. Those critical insights help Kimberly-Clark build stronger relationships with their retailer partners, identify opportunities across multiple areas and create solutions for customers that are mutually beneficial.

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Grocery Manufacturers Association Raises its Game with Advantage Report™

This case study examines how: the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the voice of more than 250 consumer product companies, needed insight on how members viewed its performance. Advantage Report™ served as a tool to measure and in turn strengthen relationships between suppliers and retailers. It brought to light valuable performance insights to help foster an environment of mutual success.

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Why Clorox Recommends Advantage Report™ Participation

This case study examines why: Clorox recommends Advantage Report™ participation. Through its industry-recognized best-in-class KPIs, measures and processes, it creates a way for retailers and manufacturers to rate each other and give constructive feedback. It’s why Clorox sees participating in the Advantage Report as a small amount of effort for a big payoff.

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Overcoming Omnichannel Obstacles

Suppliers are eager to understand how the expectations and priorities of multichannel retailers differ when faced with building an omnichannel consumer offering. This eBook will discuss:

  • Shopper expectations and competition in the marketplace
  • The importance of maintaining accuracy and quality of product content online
  • Common issues including strains on the supply chain and ineffective online marketing
  • Internal misalignment challenges between online and in-store sides of the business



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