Advantage CONNECT:
Business Relationships Matter More than the Numbers

Leandro Zalc Bonder, formerly the General Manager of IRTS Casino, discusses how the Advantage Report™ uncovered insights around strengths and opportunity areas and by using it annually allowed them to track progress over time. Advantage helped IRTS dramatically improve collaboration with their supplier partners – advancing them from a #5 to a #1 ranked retailer. Leandro explains that business relationships are even more important than the numbers because by working together retailers and suppliers form the base for future growth solutions.


Advantage CONNECT:
Retailers Want Effective Communication

Advantage Group International discusses what retailers expect from their trading partners. Research shows retailers most want effective communication – follow up on meeting agreements, be proactive with issues and opportunities, and be responsive in today’s demanding 24/7 environment. Doing so creates stronger business relationships.


There are Always Opportunities to Improve.

In today’s markets, no one can afford to take success for granted.

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