Overall Performance
Significance (OPS)

Comparing Overall Performance Significance (OPS) to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, this video attempts to explain the difference between the "Foundational Building Block" and "Priorities for Excellence" practices that make up Advantage Report Supplier and Advantage Report Retailer. Using the model as a guide, suppliers and retailers who participate in the Advantage study, can better understand how to interpret OPS results and identify the practices that they should be focusing on to ensure that they move up the pyramid and achieve "Best in Class" status as a valued business partner.


Advantage CONNECT:
Steps to Becoming a Preferred Partner

Advantage Group outlines the steps to becoming a preferred partner. By utilizing Advantage Report™ data, embedding it in their culture, and creating a continuous feedback loop with customers, a North American company laid the foundational elements to not only meet but delight their customers through this systematic, cross-functional approach. This in turn helped the company achieve winning results and opened opportunities beyond category leadership – becoming a preferred business partner.


Advantage CONNECT:
Business Relationships Matter More than the Numbers

Leandro Zalc Bonder, formerly the General Manager of IRTS Casino, discusses how the Advantage Report™ uncovered insights around strengths and opportunity areas and by using it annually allowed them to track progress over time. Advantage helped IRTS dramatically improve collaboration with their supplier partners – advancing them from a #5 to a #1 ranked retailer. Leandro explains that business relationships are even more important than the numbers because by working together retailers and suppliers form the base for future growth solutions.


Advantage CONNECT:
Retailers Want Effective Communication

Advantage Group International discusses what retailers expect from their trading partners. Research shows retailers most want effective communication – follow up on meeting agreements, be proactive with issues and opportunities, and be responsive in today’s demanding 24/7 environment. Doing so creates stronger business relationships.


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