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Module 1

Introduction to Advantage Group and Supplier Engagement Fundamentals

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Who Is Advantage Group?

Advantage Group is the leading advisor for business-to-business engagement solutions globally. We help people and organizations work better together by providing the gift of feedback and driving positive behaviour change and business growth through insight.

Understanding the Power of Supplier Engagement

Supplier engagement plays a vital role in the overall success of a retailer. Discover the value that supplier engagement provides to their partners and why it’s integral to a retailer’s performance.

The Four Critical Engagement Drivers

This year’s Advantage Report is built on the Advantage Engagement Framework. This framework is underpinned by four engagement drivers that give suppliers and retailers a benchmarked view of performance as rated by their partners.

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Where do Your Suppliers Sit on the Advantage Engagement Spectrum?

Consider where your customer relationships sit along the supplier engagement spectrum. Compare and reflect on the sentiments and impacts of less engaged partners versus those who are more engaged with your business.

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How We Calculate Your Advantage Score

Understand how our experts determine your Advantage Score and rank position.

Module 2

Understanding Your Advantage Report Platform

How to Access Your Advantage Report

Accessing your Advantage Report is made easy with the myAdvantage client portal, a web-based library containing dashboards, files, resources and more.

How to Navigate Your Advantage Report Dashboards

The various Advantage Report dashboards provide you with the information and insight you need. Explore where your data lives and learn how to filter your results for the optimal view of your performance.

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Where to Get Help With Your Advantage Report

Technical support is within reach. Open a support ticket with our IT team for troubleshooting assistance within the Advantage Report platform.