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Module 1

Introduction to Advantage Group and Customer Engagement Fundamentals

How Advantage Group Provides Value

Advantage Group helps people and organizations work better together by providing the gift of feedback and driving positive behaviour change and business growth through insight.

Customer Engagement: A Differentiator to Your Stakeholder Strategy

Suppliers measure the satisfaction of employees, shareholders and consumers. Explore the value that customer engagement provides to suppliers as a critical differentiator and driver of growth.

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The Customer Engagement Spectrum

Consider where your customer relationships sit along the customer engagement spectrum. Compare and reflect on the sentiments and impacts of less engaged partners versus those who are more engaged with your business.

The Four Critical Drivers of Customer Engagement

Advantage Report is built on the Advantage Engagement Framework. This framework is underpinned by four engagement drivers, giving suppliers and retailers a benchmarked view of performance as rated by their partners.

Establishing Your Customer Engagement Team

Establishing the right internal team is critical to embedding feedback into your customer engagement program. Utilize this template to outline the necessary roles and responsibilities.

Obtaining Feedback From the People You Want to Hear From

This tool outlines the information required for Advantage to acquire feedback from the customer personnel you want to hear from. Your market’s template will be supplied to you by your Advantage Advisor.

Enlisting Feedback for Your Customers

Utilize this template to engage your customer-facing teams and encourage their participation. Collecting your team’s feedback is highly anticipated and appreciated by your customers.

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