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Module 2

Your Guide to Advantage Report

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How to Optimize Your Advantage Report Outcomes

Intentional participation in Advantage Report Voice of the Customer is the key to acquiring the most value for your organization. Use the following guidelines to support your investment and maximize the return on your partnership with Advantage.

An Introduction to Your Advantage Report Survey

Our proprietary survey fuels your Advantage Report experience. It is the industry standard worldwide for measuring and benchmarking customer engagement. Learn more with these tools.

Helping Secure Your Retailer’s Participation

Your customers appreciate knowing their feedback is heard and valued. Utilize this template to contact your customers to encourage their participation in the program.

How to Access Your Advantage Report

Accessing your Advantage Report is made easy with the myAdvantage client portal, a web-based library containing dashboards, files, resources and more.

How Your Advantage Score is Calculated

Understand how our experts calculate your Advantage Score and rank position from survey ratings.

How to Navigate Your Advantage Report Dashboards

The various Advantage Report dashboards provide you with the information and insight you need. Explore where your data lives and learn how to filter your results for the optimal view of your performance.

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Advantage Report Training for Key Account Managers

Leverage your Advantage Report data. Discover which dashboards capture and action the account-level feedback most relevant to you.

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An Overview of Advantage Report Inclusions and Options

Review Advantage Report inclusions alongside Introductory and Topline Reports. Connect with your Advantage Advisor for more information.

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Where to Get Help With Your Advantage Report

Technical support is within reach. Open a support ticket with our IT team for troubleshooting assistance within the Advantage Report platform.

Preparing for Your Advantage Report Presentation

This guide will help you get the most from your Advantage Report presentation experience, supporting your thinking about your business and presentation needs, audience, and next steps.

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