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Our Global Client Development team helps ensure the commercial success of our partner organizations around the world.



1. Global Cross-Market Reporting

Provides an accessible and efficient way to gain instant visibility of your Advantage Report results across markets. Global Cross-Marketing Reporting brings together all your market level results by Performance Area and even individual Practices and global key accounts. The dynamic, interactive on-line reporting tool means each market can be updated as it reports locally to accelerate your success.

  • Identify common themes and issues
  • Bring key stakeholders together to align on next steps
  • Make use of best-in-class examples to help scale your learnings
  • Set KPIs and monitor annually to review trend
Global Cross-Market Reporting

2. Global Insights

Let us look beyond the data we gather for you to examine what is going on globally and regionally outside of your business relationships. These findings provide broader context for your results and provide interesting provocations to challenge thinking and stimulate growth opportunities.

Global Insights

3. Client Service Support

We can help you improve performance worldwide with a range of tools and services.

Client Service Support

4. Global Relations Program

We study the relationships between Suppliers and Retailers at the Global Headquarter level to identify where important and impactful changes could be made. We look at how each supplier and retailer performs, how each relationship adds value, how it is evolving, what are current strengths and opportunities for improvement, and how local compares to global.

Global Relations Program

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