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Published: March 16, 2020

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Annaliese Jagusch and Richard Kellam Advantage Group
Annaliese Jagusch and Richard Kellam, Advantage Group International

Global business-to-business engagement experts Advantage Group International announces the appointment of Annaliese Jagusch to the new role of Head of Custom Solutions.

Former SVP, Global Client Development, Annaliese has been instrumental in helping CPG suppliers gain visibility and drive focused improvement in their customer relationships worldwide. With an established reputation as a client-driven leader, Annaliese is passionate about listening and delivering results underpinning her client’s objectives.

The team that Annaliese now oversees will support clients in their B2B engagement goals enterprise-wide across a variety of industries. Any business looking to strengthen its partner relationships by listening to and mobilizing their feedback, can now come to Advantage and be guided through a process of identifying the best solution to support their business needs. Whether it be to help solve for a specific relationship issue, take a healthy partnership to new heights or to capture the voice of multiple audiences, markets and frequencies – Advantage Group can help.

“Advantage Custom Solutions can support the myriad of relationship challenges facing companies today,” says Annaliese. “As the needs and priorities of businesses become increasingly complex, the need for businesses to listen and learn from their key customers has never been more critical.”

Annaliese reflects “too often companies focus, in earnest, on what they think is important to their Customer and their impression of performance. They miss the simple step of pulling in the voice of the Customer to direct their efforts in a more focused and compelling way. Compelling because now they know they are applying their time and resources to the things that matter to their customers.”

Annaliese also believes that making Customer feedback a part of an organization’s DNA makes for better workplaces. “When people know that what they are working on connects positively to the Customer experience, it simply makes for a better work environment. People connect with purpose,” says Annaliese.

The Custom Solutions team has begun leveraging proprietary technologies to provide new programs to clients. Custom listening programs like Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Supplier and Voice of the Associate – built on an over 30-year history of designing and delivering B2B engagement solutions – make the process of collecting and understanding feedback more engaging and efficient.

“Increased interactivity between business partners makes engagement and collaboration more important than ever,” says Advantage Group CEO Richard Kellam. “Our position, at the intersection of some of the most valuable business relationships in the world, means no one is better positioned to understand these relationships and their importance. Our role is to help businesses be better together. I look forward to supporting Annaliese in her new role at Advantage, bringing flexible, adaptable engagement services to our clients and their customers.”

For further information on how Advantage Group’s new customized solutions can help your organization make a move to deeper engagement, contact Annaliese Jagusch.

About Advantage Group International:  

Advantage Group is the leading advisor in business-to-business engagement globally. Over 30 years ago, in Toronto, Canada, founder Ron Pirie championed the belief that businesses work better together when they commit to actively listening and responding to each other’s feedback. Ron’s idea to have retailers rate and rank their suppliers was first conceptualized on a pizza box. Not long after, fast-moving consumer goods suppliers and retailers throughout North America began recognizing that engaged and measurable relationships are foundational to business performance. Today, our relationship measurement capabilities have become the gold standard for improving business-to-business engagement in over 40 countries.

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