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Published: December 7, 2021

On November 17, ­Advantage Group International, leaders in business-to-business engagement, hosted a virtual event for retail and CPG businesses across 13 Latin American countries. Collaboration: Why Relationships Matter in Business in Latin America brought together over 1,700 registrants, and 350 companies across 30 countries for a perspective on the future of collaboration between suppliers and retailers in the grocery industry.

Under the leadership of Ana Fioratti, Regional Director, Latin America and Managing Director, Brazil, this first-time-experience served as an opportunity to understand and validate the importance of business partnerships, with sessions asking attendees to take a reflective look at the importance they place and the investment they actively make towards their customer and supplier relationships.

“We strive to push boundaries and think differently. A global first for Advantage, this initiative by the LATAM team created something extraordinary for many to learn from as well as be inspired by” says John McLoughlin, Chief Executive Officer, Advantage Group International.

Sofia de Grajeda, Director, Central America, shared Advantage insights expressing the value of collaboration in an ever-changing post-COVID environment and how resilient Latin Americans are in times of disruption. As a result of the pandemic, suppliers and retailers were closer than ever and the evolution in supplier-retailer relationships was received with a new motivation by both sets of partners. Miguel Angel Calvo, Director, Mexico, presented fundamental aspects of collaboration and what the future holds for this area of business success.

Advantage Group’s clients played a substantial role throughout the event by sharing immense appreciation for their partners while further attesting to the importance of collaboration; these clients included representatives from Nestlé (Brazil), Walmart (Mexico), Proctor & Gamble (Latin America), along with others.

Martin Rosenzvit, Director, Southern Cone, and Pablo Sanchez, Director, Colombia and the Caribbean, presented this year’s LATAM Advantage Awards. The 2021 award recipients were celebrated as the top-ranking retailers and suppliers for their collaborative performance across the region according to the annual Advantage ReportTM results.

2021 Retailer Advantage Awards Winners:

Argentina – La Anonima
Brazil – Savegnago
Chile – Cencosud
Columbia – Almacenes Exito
Costa Rica – Auto Mercado
El Salvador – Super Selectos
Mexico – Walmart
Honduras – Walmart
Guatemala – Walmart
Panama – Price Smart
Peru – Cencosud
Puerto Rico – SuperMax

2021 Advantage Awards Supplier:

Argentina – Colgate Palmolive
Brazil – Colgate Palmolive
Central America – Colgate Palmolive
Chile – Procter & Gamble
Columbia – Procter & Gamble
Mexico – Procter & Gamble
Peru – Procter & Gamble
Puerto Rico – PepsiCo Foods Frito Lay

Special recognition was awarded to Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble and Walmart for the highest number of #1 rankings in the region among and suppliers and retailers.

2021 Advantage Awards Digital Badge_Brazil Bst Manufacturer 2021 Advantage Awards Digital Badge_Brazil Bst Retailer

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