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Published: June 21, 2019

Advantage Group International announces the appointment of Dwight Konings as the new head of Canadian Client Services.

Konings, who also heads Global Client Development for North America, will be working alongside Canadian Client Service Directors Dan Doulos and Jamie Hoare, to continue to deliver exceptional value to our Canadian clients.

In his newly expanded role, Konings will continue to service global clients based in North America by delivering data and insights that drive engagement in support of higher performance. This new responsibility should prove beneficial for Canadian clients, as, under his strategic leadership, Konings and the team will be empowered to provide Canadian clients with a more robust and relevant global perspective on supplier and retailer engagement.

Konings first joined Advantage in 2011, where he was responsible for the management and development of select Canadian client relationships. During his eight years at Advantage, he has overseen several portfolios, including Program Innovation and Commercial and Market Development.

“I am very energized to reengage with the Canadian business while continuing to service our global clients in North America. I value the client relationships our team has established within Canada, and I am dedicated to building upon those connections to achieve mutual success for our clients and their business partners.”

Konings has over 25 years of FMCG commercial and management experience. Before joining Advantage, he spent 15 years at Nielsen in client service, marketing, sales and product management roles, during which he serviced leading Canadian manufacturers and retailers. Prior, Konings managed partnerships with many Canadian retailers as an Account Business Manager at Colgate.

“I am confident in the future of our Canadian business under Dwight’s new leadership,” says Richard Kellam, Chief Executive Officer, Advantage. “His ability to actively listen and respond to the needs of our clients proves vital in them reaching their business partner engagement objectives and achieving commercial success.”

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