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Published: January 28, 2020

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Advantage Group International announces the next evolution of its globally syndicated engagement program, Advantage ReportTM, to debut to Canadian and New Zealand clients in March 2020 – with a global rollout planned for 2021.

Dubbed A2.0, this rejuvenated version of their marquee product will revolutionize the client experience to better serve the ever-changing world of B2B relationships. It is a rejuvenation that began with Advantage Analytics in 2019, with A2.0 serving as a clear indicator of Advantage’s intention to continue digitizing their core product.

With over 30 years of experience helping clients unlock the potential in their B2B relationships through world-class data and insights, Advantage has applied its expertise to transforming its offerings to meet widespread disruption head-on.

“Our clients rely on us to bring them solutions that enable them to positively impact their B2B relationships quickly and at scale,” says Advantage CEO Richard Kellam. “As a result, we are on a constant journey of discovery for new solutions that nurture relationships today and ready our clients for tomorrow’s supplier-retailer landscape.”

Advantage Report is pivoting significantly to deliver on these goals. Previously, much of the insights derived had been focused on offering suppliers and retailers a clear understanding of past performance. With A2.0, greater emphasis is placed on measuring a business’ performance as a future-ready partner. This realignment of focus requires a significant shift in the program’s longstanding methodology, introducing a new framework of balanced emotive and tangible business practices.

To enable Advantage’s team of engagement experts to offer this deeper service, the program will be built around fewer, more focused questions—down from 31 to 24—for both suppliers and retailers. With this shift in methodology, clients will continue to receive trend of their past performance, as the underlying sentiment of these new practices correlates with those traditionally measured.

This transformation will unveil a new view of the supplier-retailer relationship that’s easier to navigate and more insightful, providing clients with a more actionable path to business partner engagement and commercial success.

“We know that our data is only as good as the path to action that it illuminates. A2.0 will make our data easier to interpret, contextualize and act upon at every level of the business. We are delighted to bring this innovation to our customers in Canada and New Zealand in 2020,” says Nick Langford, VP of Innovation & Digital at Advantage.


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