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Published: January 3, 2023

­Nitzberg’s deep industry experience will strengthen client value and Advantage’s strategic goals for the region

Matt Nitzberg, Managing Director, North America Advantage Group International
Matt Nitzberg, Managing Director, North America Advantage Group International

The leading advisor in business-to-business engagement, Advantage Group International, announces the appointment of Matt Nitzberg as Managing Director / Senior Vice President of North America. In this role, Nitzberg will lead established teams dedicated to enhancing business-to-business engagement between retailers and suppliers in the United States and Canada.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nitzberg brings over 30 years of experience in successfully developing data-led growth strategies at the intersection of retailers, suppliers, and shoppers. His expertise spans strategy, data-led collaboration, marketing, media, sales, omnichannel commerce, and path-to-purchase understanding.

Across his career, he has worked with hundreds of suppliers and retailers in multiple B2C and B2B verticals. Most recently, Nitzberg served as a Partner at TPG, a global strategy and general management consulting firm. Nitzberg’s previous roles include Global Head of CPG and Global Head of Client Strategy & Capability at dunnhumby. He began his career at P&G and held additional leadership roles at Borden Foods and Information Resources.

“The depth and breadth of Matt’s industry experience will be a significant asset to Advantage’s clients in the US and Canada. Matt’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by retailers and suppliers – and the opportunities they have from working together more effectively – will further enhance the value they receive from Advantage. We’re excited about the additional client impact he will create,” says Chief Executive Officer, John McLoughlin.

Nitzberg will provide strategic, commercial, and organizational leadership across North America. This includes engaging strategically with clients, applying Advantage’s proven capabilities, and further tailoring them to meet client needs, as well as investing in the talent and teams.

Nitzberg said he was attracted to Advantage for three reasons: “First, Advantage has been generating meaningful value for clients for decades and has the growth record to show it. Second, it’s never been more important for retailers and suppliers to work closely and effectively. Third, the company has a great team and culture. I look forward to being part of it!”

About Advantage Group International

Advantage Group International is the leading advisor in business-to-business engagement solutions globally. Trusted by many of the world’s leading brands, Advantage ReportTM has become the gold standard for improving performance between suppliers and retailers in over 40 countries. Established in 1988 and headquartered in Canada, Advantage Group acts as an integral link between supplier and retail partners, using data, feedback and strategy consulting to illuminate opportunities for mutual growth, strengthen relationships and provide invaluable insight. Advantage Group helps people and organizations work better together.

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