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Published: June 1, 2022

Advantage Group International is delighted to announce the appointment of Matthew Jackson as Vice President of Technology. Matthew will drive Advantage’s digital transformation by providing oversight to their information technology (IT), development, and data teams to build customer-centric software solutions.

Previously, Matthew was the Assistant Vice President of Technology for Equitable Life Canada. In this position, he influenced the business’s adoption of a digital transformation strategy and identified vendor partners to provide new services that improved customer experience and employee productivity.

Greet Gemels, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Advantage Group International, says, “Advantage looks forward to Matthew’s oversight and the digital transformation he will bring to our organization. His impressive experience will provide Advantage with the expertise we need for our products.”

Matthew will lead Advantage Group’s high-level direction based on his knowledge of industry trends, overall technology standards, and business and product vision alignment. He will use his 15 years of experience crafting technical strategies to deliver value to Advantage Group by leading the development, alignment, and execution of their technology roadmap and digital transformation.

“I am thrilled to join the Advantage team. I look forward to championing pivotal change, leveraging technology, and watching Advantage’s digital spaces transform,” says Matthew.

With his extensive leadership experience in digital strategizing and project management, Matthew will bring welcomed expertise in an area that has become essential for organizations in search of long-term, sustainable success.

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