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Success Is Rooted In Engagement

In today’s retail landscape, where the disruptive forces of changing consumer behaviours and technology innovation prevail, success is defined by a company’s ability to engage people effectively. This engagement spans multiple relationship structures, including consumers, employees and, most significantly, business partners. Business-to-business partnerships are pivotal to success as the retail ecosystem becomes more complex by the day.

Suppliers and Retailers Work Better Together

The best businesses recognize the value and necessity of engaging their partners, encouraging team member engagement, and viewing their partners as an extension of their business. When business partners work together in unity, they can easily anticipate the emerging needs of shoppers and respond to them with greater agility, achieving a first-to-market advantage. Only when suppliers and retailers work together with fluidity, transparency, and trust can they act effectively at pace.

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Measuring Engagement to Meet Your Goals

Advantage Report is built on the Advantage Engagement Framework, which defines supplier-retailer engagement in the current and future FMCG landscape. Based on our extensive research, the framework is aligned with four engagement areas — Partnership, Execution, Reputation, and Vision — to help us provide more relevant feedback. The feedback you receive is focused on the insights and actions needed to meet your goals and improve your relationships today and tomorrow.

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Who is Advantage Group International?

Advantage Group International helps people and organizations work better together. We provide the gift of feedback and, through insight, drive positive behaviour change and business growth. In the world of fast-moving consumer goods, we act as an integral link between suppliers and retailers. Advantage uses data, feedback and strategy consulting to illuminate opportunities for mutual growth, strengthen relationships and provide invaluable insight. In over 40 countries, Advantage creates better insight, better business and better lives.

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