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Distributors are a Supplier’s Greatest Ally

In many markets around the world, the supplier-distributor relationship is the most crucial relationship in the retail journey.


Distributor Relationships are Pivotal to a Supplier’s Success

In large markets, suppliers must define success through the lens of the retailer, but the situation is more complex in markets where there are more layers between the supplier and shopper. In this paradigm, distributors are crucial. As a result, investing in understanding and influencing distributor relationships can be an essential driver of commercial revenue for suppliers.


Are You Listening to Distributors Effectively?

Distributors are often the public face of the supplier for shoppers. They serve as an extension of the supplier’s business by executing strategies on the supplier’s behalf and offering suppliers a competitive route to market. With such a central role, listening and engaging through data analytics tools can be the difference between success and failure.

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How to Make Distributor Engagement Matter

At Advantage, we offer the Advantage Distributor Engagement Program so that suppliers can measure and manage the effectiveness of their distributor’s capabilities, allowing them to find more effective ways of working together or understand if they need to cultivate new distributor relationships. With our global expertise in B2B engagement, we have sought and found ways to pivot and refine the engagement model for supplier–retailer relationships to maximize the effectiveness of supplier–distributor relationships.