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Is Your Sales Team Future-Fit?

In the FMCG space, a sales team needs to sell the present and the future to its retail partners because nothing erodes confidence between partners quicker than a supplier that misses the current and emerging needs of retailers. To ensure you have the right tools for your sales team to be empowered to sell, you need to invest in your sales competency model.

Sales Team Learning and Development

What does investing in a sales competency model mean? It means investing in a mix of functional, day-to-day and leadership competencies that will serve as a roadmap for your sales team’s development and improved performance. In the supplier space, this investment must increase sales performance by providing the team with three necessities:

1. A common language for talking about your business with a focus on what matters to the retailer

2. A roadmap for individual development and performance for motivating field sales teams

3. A clearly defined capability map to ensure the success of internal and external recruitment

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Where We See Existing Sales Models Fail

Most companies have a sales competency model, but as their teams move through the sales process, two things often become clear: the model is not future-fit, and the capabilities are not embedded in the daily activities of the team. Either gap poses an opportunity for re-assessment and strategic re-alignment with a future-based competency model.

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How Can Advantage Help?

With our decades of experience listening and responding to the needs of retailers, we, at Advantage, have a direct pulse on their past, present, and emerging needs. As the audience on the receiving end of your sales efforts, we have designed Advantage Growth Academy to create a customizable sales competency framework that incorporates our global insights and knowledge of the retail landscape.