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Explorers, collaborators, engagement experts

Our strength lies in our people. Across the globe, we have brought together curious, adventurous, and intelligent people who are passionate about being better together and helping businesses do the same.

Collaboration is the key to our success with clients, our teams don’t assume to know all the answers. We are ceaseless explorers. We pride ourselves on humility, prioritizing listening and learning to respond to the specific challenge ahead.

Life at Advantage

Teamwork is the foundation of our culture and the key to our lasting success. Hear from our people about how they describe the culture and what makes them proud to be a part of Advantage.


A values-first company culture

Our values aren’t merely words on a piece of paper—they’re something we live and breathe every day. Collectively, they guide who we hire, how we support our teams, and how we treat other people. They help us build and maintain a human-first culture—and make sure we’re not only a great place to work, but a great company to do business with. Our values:

Give and receive
empathetic feedback

Be engaged, on the team and in the game

Succeed with a
high-performance attitude

Seek to improve and
find a better way

A united sense of purpose

Everyone at Advantage shares a common mission: to create trusted pathways for feedback. Through our data and insights, we have the power to encourage greater supply practices, foster positive business change and help people and organizations work better together.

Meet our leadership team

John McLoughlin, Advantage Group CEO

John McLoughlin

Chief Executive Officer
Greet Gemels Chief Financial & Operations Officer, Advantage Group

Greet Gemels

Chief Financial Operating Officer
Anthony Guadagnolo

Anthony Guadagnolo

Chief Commercial Strategy Officer
Peter Harris, Chief Research Officer, Advantage Group International

Peter Harris

Chief Research Officer
Nick Langford

Nick Langford

SVP, Product & Business Transformation
Leandro Bonder, Senior Vice President, Global Client Development, Advantage Group International

Leandro Bonder

SVP, Global Client Development
Dwight Konings, Senior Vice President, Global Retail, Advantage Group International

Dwight Konings

SVP, Global Retail
Manjit Fervaha, VP, Technology, Advantage Group International

Manjit Fervaha

VP, Technology
Mohammad Pishgah, VP, Operations, Advantage Group International

Mohammad Pishgah

VP, Operations
Annaliese Jagusch

Annaliese Jagusch

Head of Client Experience
Cristina Avila, VP Marketing and People

Cristina Noble

VP, Marketing and People
Matt Nitzberg, Managing Director, North America Advantage Group International

Matt Nitzberg

Managing Director, North America
Ana Fioratti, Regional Leader, Latin America, Advantage Group International

Ana Fioratti

Regional Leader, Latin America
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Advantage employees at a company social
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