Advantage Report™

Advantage Report for Suppliers

Advantage Report™ for Suppliers
Why Is Advantage Report™ Important?

Feedback is often filtered and some times distorted as it moves through an organization. Customer priorities are often misinterpreted or forgotten. Similarly the same can happen with supplier feedback to retailers.

Advantage Report™ allows the unvarnished feedback from a retailer to a supplier that can be communicated across the organization without revision or reinterpretation. Advantage Report™ is leveraged internally and externally and includes personnel from multiple departments. Participants include but are not limited to executives and senior management, middle management, and specialty areas such as category management, marketing, E-commerce, and supply chain, so that the feedback is representative and balanced.

The catalyst for change is a fact-based, realistic assessment of the situation so that impactful strategies and action plans can be established. Without this, resources can be wasted and objectives can be misdirected causing organizations to struggle.

Advantage Report™ provides quantitative and qualitative insights based on candid customer feedback. It is referenced to ratings provided for other companies in the industry. Companies can see how they are trending over time.

For these reasons Advantage Report™ is a catalyst for successful change.

Advantage Report™ is consequently often used as a key customer KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for the business.

What will Advantage Report™ Tell You?

Some of the things Advantage Report™ will tell you:

How your company is rated and where it ranks overall in your industry or business segment; also by Performance Area and Practice

How your company’s ratings are distributed by favorable, mid-range, and unfavorable

What your customers’ priorities are and how your company is rated on those priorities

How your company ranks in comparison to the best companies and the industry or business segment average

How your company is rated and ranked by different functional levels of management

Why your company is rated and ranked as it is based on in-depth qualitative feedback

How your company is rated and ranked by each key customer and why

How your company’s ratings and rank have trended over time

Suggestions for where your company should focus their efforts to improve

How overall patterns in the industry are trending

How Can You Use Advantage Report™?

Advantage Report™ delivers objective, actionable insights concerning priorities to be addressed, strengths to be sustained and leveraged, and opportunities to improve that can be deployed in:

  • Strategic Planning (OGSM -Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Metrics)
  • Customer KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Joint Business Planning and Key Account Planning
  • Category Development
  • Shopper Marketing Plans
  • E-Commerce Strategies
  • Supply Chain Execution
  • Financial and Capital Investment Planning
  • Organizational Development

Advantage Report™ Mirror for Retailers

Advantage Report™ Mirror for Retailers
Why Is Advantage Report™ Mirror Important?

Similar to Advantage Report™, Advantage Report™ Mirror completes the 360° view by having suppliers rank retailers across key performance areas.

Retailers use this knowledge to improve their relationships with their suppliers. Advantage Report™ Mirror provides retailers with supplier feedback that helps them to understand where they rank in key performance areas and what they need to do to improve.

What Does Advantage Report™ Mirror Tell You?

Advantage Report™ Mirror will help you to understand:

Where you rank overall in your industry and by performance area

Whether your in-store and online strategies are aligned

How you are perceived by your trading partners by providing an external assessment

Opportunities to gain competitive ground

How well you collaborate with your trading partners

How your performance aligns with customer priorities

Where you rank relative to Best in Class Retailers

How does your performance align with customer priorities

What are customers saying about you and practical advice to improve

How Can You Use Advantage Report™ Mirror?

Advantage Report™ Mirror delivers actionable insights and strategies that can be fully leveraged in your business and category plans in the following areas:

  • Joint Business Planning
  • Increased collaboration and communication
  • Setting and managing expectations
  • Category Development
  • Creating alignment across retail channels ( in-store and online)
  • New Product Introductions
  • E-Commerce Strategies
  • Realizing efficiencies across your Supply Chain

How Does Advantage Report Work?

Advantage Report™ facilitates a 360° dialogue between suppliers and their business customers, by measuring the strength of business relationships across a variety of performance areas. We fully integrate quantitative and qualitative data to provide actionable insights and strategies for profitable growth.

Calculate your Advantage Score
Customers and suppliers rate each other’s performance on a number of business practices. These ratings are used to benchmark their performance against their key competitors.
Follow-up Interviews
Advantage Surveys are followed up with phone interviews to gain deeper insights and a better understanding of the results. Companies receive a more insightful perspective of their performance through their customer’s eyes that promotes honest and open dialogue.
Actionable Insights Reporting
Quantitative and qualitative feedback are analyzed and integrated to provide greater understanding through comprehensive reports, presentations and insights to action strategies for success.