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Published: September 17, 2020

Based on our findings during Wave 1 of the pandemic across both CPG suppliers and retailers globally, we observed that working together hasn’t come naturally for every business.

When a business is not a natural collaborator, partnerships and outcomes suffer.

“The current situation with COVID-19 has ensured confirmation which suppliers have their affairs in order, but also who in particular sits at the table for his own gain. The suppliers who have tried to search for solutions together with us have laid a solid foundation for good and more chain-wide cooperation in the challenging period that still awaits us. Where on the other side suppliers who have measured between various retailers with different sizes and / or who unknowingly withdraw promotions already printed on one side, will get this back at a later time like a boomerang.”

Netherlands Retailer

“Those retailers that are traditionally secretive or don’t have data to share (through capability or otherwise) are losing out on supplier support for logistics and direct to store fulfillment.”

Thailand Supplier
Examining the Road Travelled in Wave 1 is the Best Route to Determining Where to Go in Wave 2

Consider a discussion with your partner on these critical questions…

  1. What was present in our ways of working during Wave 1 not normally experienced in our day-to-day? What worked better? Worse?
  2. Why and what were the effects?
  3. How do we preserve and build on the things that worked well? How do we minimize or prevent the things that didn’t?
  4. What are the new principles of moving forward that we can agree to during future waves? and on an ongoing basis?
  5. How do we communicate and align all key stakeholders to our plan?
  6. What else do we need from each other forward?