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Published: January 22, 2020


100+ Markets Worldwide

Annual Revenue:

6+ billion USD




Consumer and Professional Products

The challenge

Hearing customers more clearly for a holistic picture of performance

This consumer and professional products giant sought to understand their performance with retailers and compare it to their competitors to stay ahead of the many changes occurring across their customer base and in the industry. Understanding the importance of collaboration with their retail partners both locally and globally, they committed to putting in the time and effort to listen to their customers’ voices as a way of identifying the strengths they should leverage and the opportunities they needed to address to improve their performance, relationships and business results.

team members actively listening

Advantage application

Industry-leading KPIs provide a transparent platform for feedback

This consumer products giant saw that our syndicated benchmarking program provided both suppliers and retailers with an unbiased and objective way to rate each other over time.  Performance feedback is collected from countless retailers and suppliers internationally. It is aggregated to provide personalized and detailed feedback from targeted trading partners providing valuable insight to improve at functional, market and cross-market levels.

team members in discussion

The outcome

Personalized feedback helped to improve business overall

This supplier company found that the effort they put into listening to (and subsequently evaluating) their customers was small in return for being able to view a holistic picture of their performance. Year over year, this company receives valuable insight into how to strengthen their business relationships from the customers they work with. They have found that in order to collaborate effectively with their trading partners, it is important to know what they need to work toward.  Our syndicated benchmarking program provides them with this roadmap to navigate and make sure they are aligning to their goals and those of their customers to help drive mutual growth, better collaboration and efficiency.