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Published: February 13, 2020

Looking to capture more responses and make the process of completing your survey more enjoyable for respondents? Achieve the response rate your seeking while increasing respondent value by adopting these survey best practices:

1. Communicate an Efficient Experience

Respondents value an easy and pleasurable survey experience. You can convey this (and how much you appreciate their feedback) at the onset of the program. Position your survey to respondents in a way that makes them feel that their contributions are meaningful, by framing participants as experts within their space. Leverage Advantage’s email templates or utilize your own!

2. Launch on Monday Mornings for Peak Attention

Schedule your survey invites and reminders strategically. We recommend sending these on Monday mornings to get the attention and focus of recipients before the work week introduces other priorities. If Monday morning is not available, send them early in the morning or late in the evening so they are in the respondent’s inbox at the beginning of the day. 

3. Utilize Prelaunch Emails to Build Awareness

Prelaunch emails alert and prime respondents by letting them know that a request for survey participation is coming soon. Prelaunch emails increase response rates, especially when launching a program for the first time with a respondent group that may be unfamiliar with the study. 

4. Leverage Senior Leader Endorsements

Whenever possible, leverage a salient endorsement from a notable business leader to strengthen the importance of receiving prompt and thorough feedback from your respondent group. Endorsement from a C-Suite leader adds legitimacy and encourages follow through. 

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