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Published: January 1, 2020


United States

Annual Revenue:

+1.5 billion USD




Sales and Marketing Agency

The challenge

Understanding the keys to employee engagement

An important sales and marketing agency recently underwent major organizational changes that disrupted company culture and work processes. Understanding the importance of employee engagement, this company was keen to know how the changes impacted associate relationships. They also wanted to establish a benchmark engagement metric.

People working in an office environment

Advantage application

Associate+ and Voice of the Customer (VOC) alignment

Associate+ was the chosen solution for this company given their need for employee engagement understanding. A standardized practice set was adapted to align with past research and a VOC program, in-field simultaneously, to assess client satisfaction.

A distribution and communication strategy was also designed to leverage the broadcast of a universal URL link to survey 1,600+ respondents.

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The outcome

Real-time access to opportunity areas for immediate actioning

With a participation rate of over 60%, key insights were established and reported back to the Broker Organization highlighting high-level themes. Dashboard access to real-time feedback meant that the client could evaluate, assess and action findings almost immediately upon feedback submission.

Both quantitative and qualitative feedback was analyzed and shared in a comprehensive insights report, supported by division-specific overviews to support action planning and company-wide results share-outs.