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Published: January 1, 2020


United States

Annual Revenue:

+7 billion USD




Beer, Wine, Spirits

The challenge

Understanding perceptions of digital / e-commerce partners

A major supplier in the US beer, wine, and spirits category sought feedback from a targeted customer group to gauge the effectiveness of their digital and e-commerce initiatives. Time was of the essence to better understand the perceptions of an emerging channel.  To measure the key performance drivers within the channel, they partnered with Advantage to develop a bespoke customer listening program. This would also establish a baseline performance metric for their digital and e-commerce relationships.


Advantage application

A listening tool to support the business now and later

Advantage Focus was leveraged to measure this company’s performance against eight critical priorities. Essential Advantage practices were included to ensure results correlation between this custom program and future participation in our annual syndicated engagement program.

The program was run with an identified respondent base to facilitate follow up with key contacts for personalized business relationship growth. The sample was also indexed by job function and class of trade for by segment assessment.

Workers quality testing beverages

The outcome

Results highlight a path to drive strategic conversations with customers

A targeted follow-up action plan was put in place whereby each respondent was contacted to deep dive opportunities and share key themes to reinforce the importance of collaboration.  The beer, wine and spirits company is also partnering with Advantage to engage additional digital and e-commerce level participants in Voice of the Customer programs and plans participation in our annual syndicated engagement program for a benchmark versus their competitors in their quest to be best in class!